ASUS eee PC Goes B (for Box)



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I've got a simiarly specced box here that pulls server duty at home with ubuntu and it runs fine? Also, XP runs fairly decently, quick enough for everyday browsing, e-mail, typing, etc.

-1.4ghz P4
-1GB PC-133 SD-RAM
-80gb Seagate HD
-52x CD-RW
-64mb AGP ATI Radeon 7500

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada


Keith E. Whisman

This isn't the laptop. It's the Box man. I would want to figure out a way to make it into a server because it's so cheap but with the HDD options limited to only a 2.5" drive it's really depressing. Why not use the cheapest of the cheapest atx case. Would have offered some ability to make something out of it.
The processor is ultra low power and low performance. It's a cut down celleron man. Even notepad is going to be slow to open and run. With Core 2 and Core processors being priced so low with 65watt TDP's come on the Atom is a PDA processor. Why not use the Core processors? Cheaper, faster, inexpensive to use, and there are plenty to be had. Atom was designed for PDA's, Smart Phones, and teeney weeney useless little laptops that died away Six years ago here in the USA.




Linux will run fine and faster then XP.
"Wouldn't even be a good server"
Why would anyone use a laptop, that was designed for surfing the web, light-duty word-processing, emailing, and similar tasks, as a server?



Well, if Linux will run slow, than XP will be like a fat man with an asthma problem. I don't think Linux will run slow, considering it's incredible stability and light weight.


Keith E. Whisman

Well I guess it'll run Linux albeit slowly. Wouldn't even be a good server. Perhaps it'll be an upgrade for all those creditors that complain over the phone about how slow their networks and pc's are.

That always bothers me. They should let me fix their networks in return for clearing my debts.

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