Asus Demos Wiimote Wannabe at CeBIT



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Actually, it looks like the nunchuck controller, the actual Wii Remote is rectangular. Oh, and while Nintendo played with the name of Wiimote, I believe they set it aside in favor of Wii Remote. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



 Totally agree, wise man.... get it?





Keith E. Whisman

Yep.. Got it.. That's an oldie... Wise man... and The Wiz and The Wizzer and I can't tell you all the names I was called by the Drill Sargeants and men appointed over me in the Army and the terrible things my father Lord Vador has called me..


Keith E. Whisman

There needs to be games that take advantage of these remotes. They need to be designed to take advantage of these remotes I just don't see game makers out there coding their games to take full advantage of these when they are used to the mouse and keyboard and the Xbox360 controller.



Apple has i(insert word here)

Nintendo has Wii(insert word here)

Now Asus has Eee(insert word here)

I think I should patent fn(insert word here)

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