Asus Debuts High-Tech Marine Cool Motherboard at CeBIT



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 Master Chief would be proud! This board belongs in Halo! 




This set up is easy on the eyes and I bet it works in theory but how well does the "micro-porous ceramic" tech really work. It ceramic is good at disipating heat but if you don't get that pressed up to the board there will be a pocket of heat between the ceramic and mo-bo. I'm not really into the Idea of having something right up on the bottom of my board. I'll be honest though I have no idea if their matirial is conductive. I gotten word of conductive ceramic and that makes me queezy about putting that into my case. Great idea with the onboard UPS though kudos....SODIMM?!?!?! survey says *BZZZT!!* wrong answer. I'm sure it will find it's home with their $400 dollar keyboard computer thingy we read about a bit ago...

~No one said it would be easy....they just said it was worth it...~



 that's one cool-lookin mofoin mobo! if you look at it for a while, it looks like a futuristic RTS base built on space (with the black background lol) 


...and what does this have to do with porn?



After my last choose that i made about a mobo it didn't matter how it looked, cause most of the time it's under the table and the only time i'm looking at it, is when i have to vacuum it or upgrade something..

It's probably for Display only type of deal.



It looks stunning, but I wish it wouldn't use SO-DIMMs.  It would have been an excellent performance board.



Ok, this board is FREAKING COOL!!! not just from a fashion sense, mind you. A HTPC would be great for this mobo, but I think they should go bigger. Make an E-ATX board, 2 CPU's, and slots for DDR3. And although it has great features in a small package, they would be much more appreciated on a bigger motherboard/skulltrail setup.



looked through the site... what socket is it 775? No one really offically says



It is a LGA 775.

It has a nothbridge and South Bridge so its not a LGA 1366.


Peanut Fox

If this board (or rather it's SO-DIMM design) is popular enough, it could creat a new market for performance SO-DIMM memory moduals.


While I love the look, the cons of not being able to use performance memory mean I'd not likely use this in my main rig.  The looks are also wasted in an HTPC since you normally wouldn't use a case with a clear side panel, and even if you did it would look outta place in most theater setups.



I like the thought process of using SO-DIMMs, but not for a performance board. This board makes sense in the micro-ATX form factor. Imagine the advantages when building a LAN party box. Space freed by using SO-DIMM and SSDs make it easier to cool the CPU and GPUs.  And who doesn't want that?


Hg Dragon

I was thinking more along the lines of a home theater/media center rig. The reduced thermals mean reduced noise profile for a box tucked next to your nice big screen TV.


Hg Dragon

Yeah, this board looks pretty damned cool (in more ways that one, apparently). The SODIMMs are iffy at best however. If you're looking for a "thermal over perfomance" solution, this would be great. And great looking.

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