Asus Cranks Nvidia's GTX 550 Ti to 1015MHz



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My 460's are both running with a nice 33% overclock, to 900 MHz.  They are ASUS CuCore models, and the voltage tweaks are great.

Fermi derivatives are amazing for overclocking.



So what? That's only a 12.8% overclock. My GTX 460 came with a 20% overclock. I guess it's cool that it's over 1GHz, but the difference between it and similar (percentage-wise) OCs is only nominal.

1015/900 = .128 = 12.8% OC

810/675 = 1.2 = 20% OC



I gave my 8600gt a 27% overclock from 540 to 690. My cooling solution consists of the tiny stock cooler plus an average case fan. Three years later, still no problems (except it is still a slow card, no amount of overclocking can chqnge that). I would love to see a card with an absolutely insane OC, to the point that it only has a 7-day warranty. That's the card I would buy.

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