Asus Confirms Transformer Prime GPS Issues With New Dongle Accessory Shipping April 16th



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1. I'm hoping that this is a free 'dongle' to current owners

2. Please let the dongle also provide an extra antennae/boost for the somewhat lackluster wifi.

I've had my TFP for a few months now and have converted more than a few people to buy them rather than something fruity but the one thing that still annoys me about the unit is the wimpy wifi.



I don't know, mine seems pretty accurate.



Why isn’t this making national news? Why haven’t I seen it on my local news stations? Why isn’t there some cool name associated with this problem like GPSgate? Why isn’t there article after article about this terrible flaw declaring this product an epic failure? Why isn’t there news coverage demanding Asus start a free dongle program? Why aren’t we hearing about the terrible working conditions of the slaves that put this thing together? Oh right there isn’t a picture of an apple on the outside so nobody cares.



I also own this tablet and it provides most of the functionality that I expected and a great deal more than the iPad. Since it is a WiFi only platform, the inaccuracy of the GPS system is a minor glitch, albeit one that should probably be fixed by ASUS. The WiFi iPads don't even have functioning GPS!

On another forum, users were complaining about the poor turn-by-turn navigation provided by the Prime. Since turn-by-turn navigation on the Prime requires a WiFi signal, those users are probably using their smartphones as mobile hotspots. My Android smartphone provides very accurate turn-by-turn navigation, so the issue with the Prime is minor.



well since I own this very tablet
I will have to stay tuned here to find out about this device and if they expect me to pay more for something I am supposed to already have for the price I already paid.
This device was not "cheap" by the time I added the keyboard to it, it quickly jumps up over 700 dollars.

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