Asus Begins Shipping Three Eee PC Models with Ubuntu



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lol@putting windows on ubuntu netbooks.  You're doing it wrong.  you buy the cheaper *gasp* windows XP netbook and put either Ubuntu or Windows 7 Ultimate on it.  both of them outperform the Default XP.  Ubuntu by a larger margin of course ;)



wow' I was wondering if there was still some linux netbooks around not 30 minutes ago... now I have a clear answer. 

Anyone knows of other netbooks running linux? 



Because 11.04 is looking like a mistake.  The Unity interface is confusing and intrusive for users moving from Windows XP, and the new build is noticeably slower on little netbooks than its predessor.  11.04 may end up as Ubuntu's own regrettable "Vista".



I ran 11.04 for a good few weeks on my desktop. The only thing i couldn't deal with is the incompatability of Steam with Linux, so that eventually fell by the wayside.

I never tried it in classic mode, or on wifi, so i wouldn't know about either of those problems. There were a few dual-monitor glitches as well, but that was actually worse in 10.04.

Call me weird, but i actually liked the GUI. I was kinda peeved that i couldn't put minecraft on the launch bar, but whatever. 



Bingo!  As well as Blastodon below, I was having issues with 11.04 on one of my machines.  Went back to 10.04 with no problems.



I wonder what kind of crapware will be installed. Where's my useless window resizer? Where's my antivirus trial? And my completely redundant volume controls?

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