Asus Announces 'Transformer AiO' with Detachable Tablet



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Does it allow me to break dance across our conference table, along with all my hipster friends?



While I can see the value of a system like this for certain users, it isn't something that would benefit me due to how I work. But I think there is a market for something like this.



Wait, why Android? Doesn't it already have Windows 8 on it? Why two operating systems?



Hold up... when did Nvidia announce their next-gen graphics? or did i miss something?



I can't imagine trying to carry this thing around. May even have to carry it sideways through door ways.. I want to catch someone walking around with this thing so I can make fun of them like the uncool kid on the playground.



"...and you have a giant Android 4.1 tablet."

...and fail.

All that power and capability gone. I work from home and could easily have seen myself using this, but not crippled like that. Silly silly silly.


Renegade Knight

I love the detachable screen.



I can just imagine somebody using this as a camera... Say "Cheese!"



Considering the two 'modes' have their own storage (Win8 on 1TB SATA drive, Android on 32GB SSD), this seems like some sort of commitee-designed disaster. The thing must weight a ton, and in portable mode, 75% of it is off (Core i5, harddrive, graphics cpu).

If this thing every has to go in for repair, you're out both your desktop and your tablet.

I'd rather just have two separate devices. That way I can update the devices as they become outdated.

Funny how Win8 was passed up for use in tablet mode.

Why don't they just make a Core i3 version and drop Tegra and Android? That might actually be useable and with a decent balance between performance and battery life (and if MS would fix Win8 to give you a desktop in desktop mode and Metro in table mode.)



I think the desktop parts (i5, hard drive, RAM, Win8) is on the stand thingy, not the tablet itself. But I agree that they shouldn't have made two systems and sold it as one. It might as well be two systems running one screen.


Paper Jam

Kind of an awkward solution to a non-problem, isn't it? Why not just use Windows 8 Pro and just be done with it. Or how about Ubuntu Touch? You could cut cost by not having separate x86 and ARM processors and separate storage solutions. Android doesn't really work well on larger screens so why force it onto a tablet that is too big to be used comfortably?



At 18.4 inches.....would you call this a "laptab?"



Sounds like it would be awkward to hold. How heavy is it? Can some data be shared between Android and Win8? Say like document files, MP3's, etc. Or are they completely independent from one-another. Does it auto switch to the other OS when docking/undocking? Interesting concept, would like to see more in how it is implemented.



This would be nice if it sported Win8 on both... as 100% of my business is Windows based. Not going to bother with disparate systems if I don't have to.



google drive/play for document and music sharing.


not sure I'd buy this. but it sure does look slick.



Using a cloud service to sync files on one device? Not exactly a clean solution. I would really hope they thought of this, and implemented some form of native file-sharing between the two systems.



Exactly, to be able to share docs/mp3, would not want to share much else.

Did not think about why not just Win 8 the whole way through as others have mentioned. Win 8 is supposed to be the "tablet" OS after all. I guess the battery life would be awful as a Win 8 tablet, which is why they went Android. This would still be a pain to lug around! This is one of those things that seems cool at first, but then when you think about it your like "WTF". I don't think this would be a big seller at all.

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