Asus Announces ROG G73jh Gaming Laptop with Core i7 and 5870



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hayman this post is very nice and informativee have a look at thsi post.......






I sure hope it has *discrete* graphics, not *discreet* graphics as indicated in the article. I mean, for a gaming rig, I want anything but *discreet* graphics. I want in-your-face graphics.





I think you meant


The URL you supplied takes you to a porn site.


Also, you get a $50 discount if you can do a cash transaction, so it would be $1594



Go to and you'll find this beast starting @ $1645 base config and it comes with wireless n, pony up an extra $33 and you can upgrade to an intel wireless a/g/n card and get it for $1678! Sounds pretty damn sweet to me even though its Intel based and UGLY! LOL

Plus why show an old F-117.... why not a F-22! Come on peeps!!



Love it for what it is, hate for expense. Oh well, might as well start saving. just 163702 pennies to go.



AMD Phenom II X4 955 (at 3.4 GHz)

Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB

OCZ Reaper DDR3 1600 8GB

MSi 790FX-GD70

XFX Radeon 5870

Antec 1200

Corsair HX 850 watt

Only thing I can complain about in my rig is the Phenom. But I went with the best cost option at the time. Would have gone with the i5-750 otherwise I think.

At any rate, that is going to be one extremely expensive laptop ><



man, i wish you had posted this a week ago.  we have a G51J at the office and on of our developers needed a laptop with the same specs with 8GB of ram.  asus said it didn't officially support 8GB of ram on the G51J and i didn't have 2 4GB sticks to test it with having some doubts we went with an alienware that came configured with 8GB instead of another G51J which was still in stock at our local retailer

i agree with you though, asus is awesome.  i even have a custom built asus server with dual xeon 5520s (lga1366), works like a champ and dusts the competition in performance per dollar.

needless to say i'd love to get my hands on this new G73 :)


what signature, where do i sign?



Using my G51J right now.

Core I-7 easily oc'd to 2.9Ghz
Nvidia GTX 260M Also easily oc'd to GTX280m clocks
4GB DDR3 easily upgradable to 8GB
1920x1080 resolution on a 15" screen

Not quite the specs as the G73 but every bit as capable for anyone looking for the same capabilities in a smaller package.

Its played flawlessly at every game I've thrown at it, and no lag at all in AutoCAD's 3D modeling.

Asus' ROG series is the best priced around with all these goodies, and still top quality with best warranty. Only company out there I know of offering 1yr accidental coverage on top of 2yr manufacturing, with a 0 fixed pixel guarentee in a 1080 screen. Simply outstanding.

All I buy anymore is Asus becuase of their quality and service.

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