Asus Announces Eee Top All-In-One, Meant to Compete With iMacs



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Is this thing out yet...when will newegg have it?


Keith E. Whisman

I'm thinking this will make a nice kitchen PC. You can (more likely you gal can) look up and follow recipes, make shopping lists, browse porn while making dinner, do a little budgeting in the kitchen. The touchscreen and it's small foot print is what I like about it. If you stay within it's limitations and accept those limitations there is plenty to be enjoyed and I would definately put linux on this machine. That processor is just too slow for even WinXP.

Your wife can listen to audio books while she does the dishes and look at pictures of you while she does the dishes and listen to your voice recorded on the PC while she does the dishes.  



The specs underwhelm, even compared to $300 PCs and your leftover Athlon X2 box. My biggist concern is the OS, will it be LINUX or XP Home? Do you really think Windows 7 will run on this?


Keith E. Whisman

Cut the price down to about $300dollars and I'd get one. It's just not worth the price.

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