ASUS Announces All Eee PCs Will Switch to ION Platform



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Relase them already! I've been waiting for these things for over 4 months. The 1201N has been delayed at least 4 months. I was fine with it since Windows 7 was a worthwhile improvement. I'm looking forward to some solid reviews for these devices. I want to know how much you can run on them before they won't deliver HD at 1080p. I want to know if they will support 5.1 DTS through the HDMI cable or if it'll be some downsampled 2.1 mix.

Stop talking big and show me the product already.



If they can do these starting in the $350 price range AND get 6+ hour battery life I'm all in.



It won’t be expensive there are already a few ION equipped netbooks out there that run it in parallel with Atoms, replacing Intels Crapy 945/950 series of integrated graphics.  They have better battery life and still come in the low $400s if you shop around (HP mini 311).  Most of the price bump is actually intells fault again, they only charge $25 to OEMs for an Atom if it’s being paired with Intel integrated graphics but $45 if it’s going on an ION equipped board, and of course since these are all soldered on the board components there is no way for you to swap out after the fact.  I will buy one of these and I have at least four or five friends that I have been counseling to hold off on buying netbooks until the ION becomes widely available, they are going to be really sorry if they don’t follow that advice when they see this thing run.




I'm glad to see peopel adopting the ion platform despite Intels asshole moves. I used a netbook with ion at PAX(I cant remember what brand it was), and man it was nice and snappy. They had one playing HD video on a huge screen, and another that you could just mess around with at the nvidia booth.



i dont think it will be that much more expensive, but i am concerned about battery life.  the trend on netbooks for battery life has been very positive in the last couple of years, would hate to see that go away.



This thing is going to be insanely expensive.



I could see a netbook with this coming in at $600 max price with a 12-inch (or larger) screen and full memory maybe even a 640+ GB hard drive or a nice SSD in it. But the sweet price point will start at $350 for these things and normally top at $500 for the larger screens they're planning.

It's nothing compared to the current 'ultra-portable' offerings from a host of companies (Dell, Sony, Apple).

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