Asus, Acer Cut Ultrabook Orders, is the Form Factor Doomed?



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It's not just the CPU - the cost of a lot of other components is higher when you want to make ultra thin.  You need SSD, which is $100 more than HDD.  You need thinnner screens, keyboards, batteries, each of which is more expensive than regular notebooks.  Notice the cheap notebooks all have 15" screen?  That's because the screens can be thicker.

In addition, the cost of developing these machines is much more, as is the warranty cost.

For the guy looking for a discrete graphics card in an Ultrabook - they are too thick to support that.

I do agree that Intel is being a tool with their request, though.

(this is my opinion - not the folks that I work for).



I know of a handful of people actively TRYING to buy these but no store in our area can seem to get their hands on them.

There's something fishy going on if Acer/Asus complain of low sales and those that want to buy them cannot..



I'd pick one up if it was offered with a decent graphics solution.  As it stands though, it just doesn't seem worth it.



I maintain this is a horrible economy to launch a new luxury PC in.



Don't forget the battery issue.  Electronic devices without a removable battery are ticking time bombs set to go off in about 3 years.  That might not be a problem with a $100 phone you're going to trade in two years down the road, but it's senseless in a $1000 laptop.  (I know that MacBook Airs don't have removable batteries, but the sheeple buying them ARE senseless)...



Well of course price is an issue since Intel is being a douche and won't lower the price on their chips yet expects them to sell at sub $1000



I think intel actually gave considerable discounts to ultrabook partners. Like richee said, it's the manufacturers thinking in terms of Apple pricing. 



How is Intel to blame here? The Intel Core i5 2467M is isted at only $25 more than the i5 2410M and i5-2430M which is found in sub $700-800 laptops. The entire package simply cost more. Add to that these companies think in terms of Apple pricing and belive that they can get away with pricing their devices similarly. This ultra-thin arena has never gotten that far off the ground, not even for Apple.

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