A*STAR Announces 5mm-thick Hybrid Hard Drive With 1TB of Storage



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Bullwinkle J Moose

But is it made by Western Digital?


Then why would I want it?

Because it Includes 30 new patented technologies that can go Horribly Wrong in actual use?

No, I think I'll pass even if it is a new Company I've never heard of with absolutely no track record of making reliable drives

Thanks anyway

Maximum PC Staff should torture test all this new stuff 1st and then put in the deal of the day if it passes

Otherwise its not so Maximum (at any price)



A*STAR is a government agency in Singapore that takes care of R&D (www.a-star.edu.sg). It is one of its research institute - the Data Storage Institute (DSI) - that has developed this new drive. They do not make products, they typically license out their technologies.



Apparently they've been around for 20yrs they've just never made a product like this but do do extensive research into storage devices and media... Still though I can see where your coming from and for me it's going to have to wait and see who they choose as a manufacturing partner it may well be WD but I doubt it

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