ASRock Wants You to Unlock Your Phenom Cores



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AMD's ACC is available on any board with an SB710 or SB750 southbridge, or NCC for any board with a nForce 700 or 900 series northbridge.  These options do THE EXACT SAME THING as this chip does.  I wouldnt be surprised if Foxconn is just relabling the ACC option in the BIOS.  Also, ACC and NCC have been available for a long time (since about when 790 GX came out). What's the difference?



 Cool! Cheap way to get that possible quad-core CPU.

I wonder what AMD will say about this...


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 Probably nothing, as they will keep selling their TRI's with people hoping that they get Quads. 

 I got a quad for $115 :)


Gigabyte 785GX Micro Atx

AMD Phenom II 720 (Quad @ 3.6 Ghz 1.47v.)

6 GB DDR3 1333

Corsair 500w

Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro Rev.2

HIS HD 5850 @ 940/1175/1175v

500 GB



I would be worried that the fourth core was disabled because it was flawed.  I guess if you are lucky and the processor is not flawed (but just part of a batch with flawed cores), this would be a great thing.  How often does AMD just disable a core when it isn't faulty?  I wouldn't do it unless there were doubts about its functionality.



I was also under the impression that most of the tri cores were just defective quads.  I have an odd feeling that unless they have a really awesome disclaimer, there are gonna be quite a few people returning these and trying to get their money back when they don't work the way the hoped they would...



Acutally I beleve that demand for tricores is greater than the failure rate, so AMD soft-disables some quad cores to sell as tri. Those chips would likely be the target of this chip.




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