ASRock Sets Lofty Goal of 9 Million Motherboard Shipments in 2010



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Going from $2M to $9M is quite a goal to reach.

I like my last couple of AsRock boards, but they were 'cheap' boards for value builts - and a good job they were...  However, if they're thinking of selling $200 boards, I would look at other brands of comparative level/price before I chose AsRock.



Personally, I'll have to take a wait and see approach with ASRock. Even their top of the line, $200+ motherboard only has a one year warranty. From past experience, their warranty and customer service needs a lot of work and I haven't been overly impressed with the quality either. Except for their newest X58 motherboard that Tomshardware loves so much, their BIOS isn't very overclocker/enthusiast friendly. Still, of the cheap motherboard manufacturers, I would pick ASRock over ECS and Jetway any day of the week.

Having said that, until ASRock has earned the right to be firmly planted within the DIY community, I'll keep going to Gigabyte for my cheaper builds. 

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I've been thinking about getting the p55 delux for a awhile now, Its so hard to decide now days. I would have never considered ASrock, but the more i read the reviews the more i think they are making a quality mobo. and the price is definatly right.

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