As Promised, Google Releases Android Code as Open Source for Tinkering



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Keith E. Whisman

I purchased an Android G1 Bronze phone today at it is good. Hallowed be thy name. I was showing my coworkers how I could browse all kinds of stuff on my phone. It is good and the G1 is freaking awsome. This phone needs a tear apart in the mag to show all what makes it tick.


Keith E. Whisman

Hey the Android phone HTC G1 is out now. My local T-Mobile has plenty in stock becaus I live in the piss poor part of town. They told me that my phone is only a year old so I have to pay full price minus $50bucks instant rebate. So thats a grand total of $349 bucks plus an 8.8% sales tax so that makes it like $700dollars or something like that. Well tomarow is payday and I'm getting one I just hope the bank doesn't repo my Ford Explorer.

BTW I have a Motorola W490 black cell phone for sale. No scratches.. 



is M$ gonna buy skype now and put out a skype cellphone service with ms live on it. im assuming they'd have home version with just a simple call function and voicemail.....caller id is a $50 add on that has to be updated every year. the business ultimate uber edition would be about $700 to buy, and $300/mo with all the amazing features of the home version.....but with a badass solitaire game.....and paint. woot woot i cant wait to sell blood each month to afford that puppy......



but this IS pretty cool for google.

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