ARM-Based Windows 8 Tablets Could Lose Desktop



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i've moved on sort of from Windows. Since I've had my Xoom for this past year, and I use it ALOT more than my PC....using a PC with a desktop just feels...1980's ish...


Idk it's weird, like just using traditional "Windows" desktop on my Win7 Pro comp seems more "clunky" and innefficient. Even things like using the mouse(a Logitech G500)....which is 99% of what interaction with PC's is....feels so limiting.


I personally like Metro though. I personally think that Windows should be split into 2 versions on PC. The standard version with metro and a barebones limited "classic" version for the PC "elitest" that want to cling to the old way of interaction.



Since the ARM version of Windows 8 cannot run any application designed for the x86 version, there are currently zero applications that will run on ARM's 'Desktop'. Any new application will be developed in Metro, since that is Windows 8's new native API (x86's old Win32 APIs will eventually be deprecated).

For x86 it makes sense to keep the desktop since there is a whole ecosystem living on it. For ARM, there are currently zero applications that will run on its desktop and there will always be zero. So why keep the desktop part?



Microsoft is going to replay the history from Vista 
Windows 8 ARM will be nothing more than 2nd Generation Vista in 21st cenctury 
with improved Headache and digital pain

 I hate metro UI __its terrible 

Windows without ""Windows"" __never be called windows 

so this way windows 8 will never take down __the no. of windows 7 user in whole world in next 3 yrs


waiting for Windows 365  in 2015 for better tablet ??


Ipad 2 and android tabs will always be my first choice 365 days 



So... the two things that make a Windows tablet better than others (A. Actual windows, and B. The ability to use existing Windows programs) are now gone? Why would anyone use this anymore rather than an iPad or Android tablet? I don't understand. Also, if they're basically two separate OS's now, why is the Metro UI still on Laptop/Desktop Windows 8, if the Metro UI is for tablets anyway.



If Linux would stick to one version and not be the bloody mess that it is, closed source developers would distribute to it instead of Windows.  Linux for years could of been a great alternative to Windows operating systems, but they're too stubborn to focus on one closed source OS for the main stream public.  There are so many Linux versions, desktop managers, UI kits, etc... that developers don't want to distribute their work as open source, where the user can (try to) recompile so it fits his unique combination of packages, libraries and settings, it's a nightmare!

On the other hand, Microsoft is providing (most of the time) incredible backward compatibility and platform stability. It is possible to target whole range of machines with one closed-source installer, for instance computers running Windows XP, Vista and 7, 32 and 64 bits flavors, without proper DX or VC redistributables installed, etc...

Now Windows comes out with an OS that many desktop users don't like or want.  Desktop gamers for example, would glady use a Linux OS as an alternative but we can't because of the open source mess!



I agree. Theirs just too many versions of Linux, all of them are different.

Honestly IMO if any Linux has a chance to overtake windows, it's Android.



As much as I agree, it could never happen because open source basically is the purpose of Linux.



I thought the biggest appeal to Windows on ARM was the ability to run existing Windows binaries. How are they going to do that without the desktop interface, which existing apps will need.


Windows 8 will be the next Vista. Once again, MS have their heads shoved where the sun don't shine.



Everything I've read said that ARM will NOT run existing binaries. They require native ARM versions.



Everything I have read on Windows 8 for ARM states that it requires you to have NEW apps designed to run on ARM. I have never read that you can run existing binaries, can you please post where you have gotten this info?



The Metro UI sucks big time, so if I'm stuck with it that will be a total dealbreaker. Windows 7 is a great OS as it is, and Windows 8 has nice technical improvements but that metro UI is TERRIBLE, so I will be DEFINITELY disabling it if I upgrade to Windows 8 eventually.



I *MIGHT* switch to windows 8 on both my device and my desktop, IFF (If and only if, for the laymen out there) I could use the same two interfaces on both.  If this isn't the case, there will have to be a MAJOR reason (read: Diablo 4, Deus Ex: Something New, or a damn good Wheel of Time game) to switch for me.  Windows 7 is the first microsoft operating system I've been completely happy with in a looong time, and a lot of that is the interface. 



I'm sure this is simply an edition that is below "Home Basic" which can be priced at the same level as windows phone.



There is only one "App" in windows 8 that I would ever use: Desktop.  Windows without "windows" cannot be called windows.

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