Are You a "Cyberchondriac?"



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I don't trust almost anyone. The internet is just for news.



Doesn't Microsoft have anything better to do than behavior studies? IE still sucks monkey balls. Perhaps they could devote their resources to fixing it.

Typed this on my Wii.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



I googled and wikied my symptoms before I went to my primary care doctor. I mentioned all my symptons and he just told me to see a specialist without even offering his opinion. what a waste of my co-pay! I went to said specialist. my symptons could have been any of 3 things. the specialists confirmed 2 and prescribed meds. I'm definitely seeing small improvements in my health because I was informed before going to the dr's.



When I'm feeling symptoms of whatever, I'll usually google it, but I always take things with a grain of salt.  Nothing beats a real doc.

And that picture beith a Mac!


Keith E. Whisman

You know when the Doctor looks at you and walks away you know what he is doing? He's googling your symptoms and then googling what meds to give you.. Doctors spend years in school learning how to act like they know what they are doing and also learning how to properly use Google Search.

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