Are We Headed for a GPU Price War?



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Cheap cards can run games because no developers have the stones to create games that can't be whored out to the console. We all suffer in the end and get crap games. Its only going to get worse as Sony and MS expect the current gen to last them another 3-4 years.



If you think eye candy makes a great game then you are sadly mistaken, eventually that little novelty wears off and the game's story, combat system, ai, etc all need to be good to make a game great. Graphics are nice, but I'm not going to buy a game simply because it's character models look amazing. I want a great storyline and/or some fun combat, preferably and.



You can play new games without tossing down tons of mula for a new video card every 6 months.  And if you REALLY have money burning a hole in your pocket, Crysis will still tear up most cards, period.  There are always games like Metro 2033 if you just simply *need* eye candy.



If the prices drop on AMD cards, who am I to complain? 



AMD lost 43 million $ last quarter... it would be hard for their profits to be any smaller.  Perhaps you meant margins?

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