Are Tiny Netbook PCs a Threat to Big Manufacturers?



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The only reason the pc industry is crying right now is because it will
no longer be able to charge us for the operating system, or the
assembling of the components. Instead we are getting the laptops
directly from the companies that manufacture the motherboards.
Although i have noticed that Microsoft got scared when they realized
that Vista was too bloated for these UMPC's, so they allowed a
handicapped version of Windows XP to exist past their deadline in order
to slow down interest in the development of linux.



With some good marketing, I could see these things becoming very popular. While of little intrest to us hobbyists, these things match up quite well to the many who simply use a computer to check email, surf the net, and write the occasional word document.  If that's all you are going to do with a computer, why spend the $800 plus when you can get one of these for much less?



The netbooks are still overpriced... they will all be even cheaper by Xmas.


Acer Aspire 5610z,Vista HP, No problems with Vista... so far, but I'm learning Linux, just in case.

Acer Aspire 5315-2153, $348 Walmart Special,Mandriva Linux 2008.1 Spring Edition


Talcum X

 Take too much away and it becomes little more than  an oversized PDA.  Laptops compete as the mainstream PCs do.  These nutered pygmies of laptops really hold little to desire.


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