Are Tablet Atom Processors Too Expensive?



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Why can't we just use AMD Fusion CPUs in tablets? The performance kicks Intel Atom's ass and the battery life is still pretty good, though a bit less than what Atom can provide.



Not too sure about the thermals on the Fusions. But other then that I'd go for a Fusion powered tablet any day over an Atom. I finally had to jump ship from AMD when the socket 1156 came out. Before that every system I owned was AMD based. Last Intel I had before the 1156 was a 166MMX, socket 7 no less.



"$25 price tag Intel was to attach to the chip for OEMs agreeing to use MeeGo as their OS"

I think that says it all. It's less about driving Atom sales and more about driving MeeGo adoption.

Kind of makes sense if you think about it. Never used MeeGo myself, but I would think Intel's not going to see mass adoption unless they do something like this. Android, iOS, and even Win7 would be the ones consumers would want IMHO, so it's "dirty tricks" time.

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