Are Quad-Core Mobile Procs Overkill?



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Laptops in Karachi



Keith E. Whisman

Hey now. Laptops are getting mighty powerfull these days. It's in the spirit of MaximumPC. If you read Maximum PC like me then you would demand a quad core in your laptop unless it was a super low power laptop from the ground up. Then it needs Intel Atom for brains. Heck laptops even have 7200rpm hdd's unless they quit making them.

I had a $700 dollar cheap laptop that I gave to a friend and on it I was doing alot of dvd back ups and it was speedy with it's old Core Duo 1.7ghz processor and 1 gig of ram.



Putting a quad in a laptop is like putting that stupid 8 cylinder engine on a harley....overkill.....

ThE OnLy wAy 2 pLaY!



The thing is, most things that need quad cores are being moved to the GPU. Video encoding can be done by both Nvidia and ATI cards, and Aodbe plans to make CS3 GPU accelerated. The need for quads is shrinking, not growing.



Have you listened to podcast #76? You are in Gordan's rant!



They don't get you any extra performance. 

Please note that because quad-core CPUs will not get you any extra performance, I will be helping people who were victimized by quad-core CPUs with an exchange. Please send any quad-core Socket AM2 or LGA775 CPUS to my attention at Maximum PC and I will drop a replacement CPU to you. The replacement will be an improvment over your quad-core and is guaranteed to have only two cores or possibly even one core if possible!



Dual core is still good enough for desktops. Dual cores are actually better than quads for gaming due to higher clock speeds and the lack of games utilizing more than two cores.

The only people who need quad core are people who do photo and video stuff or lots of media encoding. Quads are also good for DC, but I doubt very many people base purchasing decisions on how well their rig can fold proteins.



I find it absolutley hillarious that you guys wrote this article after your $2500 build had more than $1000 spent on a quad core CPU.



This articles aim is for practicallity, talking about everyday needs and problems that people can encounter when trying to make a purchasing decision on laptops.

 The dream machine is the ultimate PC they can build, nothing practical about it. One of those "Because we can" type projects.

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