Are Notebook Manufacturers Unhappy With The Ultrabook's $1000 Price Tag?



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No thanks. I can get a stupid MBA 13" or, at a fairly similar price, a Thinkpad that's built like a tank and has more power.






those PC manufacturers are hardly making any money now with their current pricing schemes. how many people actually buy brand new high-end laptops at full price? now, ask yourself how many people buy brand new Apple laptops at full price.

these manufacturers are constantly offering sales with $100-$400 dollar discounts. in contrast, Apple gives a $50 discount, and that's only for students. lol.

bottom line is, consumers love Apple hardware. they love the Macbook Air. most PC makers are already shamelessy copying Apple's design aesthetic. if they want Apple to stop eating into their collective PC market share, then they have to improve the quality of their hardware *and* compete on price.



aesthetics alone mean zilch. You are comparing <1% market share product with something that everyone uses.



around 7% worldwide, around 13% in the USA, not <1%. Just saying, wrong. :p



Lenovo, Asus, and Acer are capable of producing sub $1,000 high performance laptops now, and are doing so. Just look at their product lines and you can get a cor i5, 320GB 7200 RPM HDD, 14.1" LED, Dual band WiFi, HD Web Cam, noise cancelling stereo mic, bio metrics, 8GB Ram, for less than $900 now from Lenovo.


Peanut Fox

No doubt those are great performers, but they don't compete with the Mac Book Air in terms of size.  My guess is that Intel doesn't want to be left behind as ARM continually grows in the small portable device sector.  With Windows 8 being ARM compatible Intel really wants a small, light, powerful, as well as affordable device that they can offer their processors and chipset in.

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