Are Netflix's Crazy Moves Preparation For An Amazon Buyout?



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"Amazon’s been trying for a long time to work its all-encompassing fingers into the streaming video market with next to no success."

Yeah, I wonder why. If I wanted to pay $3-4 for a new rental I'd go to the local video store and...oh wait, they're out of business. $1-2 per episode for TV series? It would've cost me over $400 to watch Stargate SG-1 if it were hosted on Amazon Prime. That's just one of many series I've watched via Netflix. If Amazon does ever buy Netflix I will cancel my subscription.



Consider the source. Pachter is a goofball.



I would assume this would open up Netflix to shareholder lawsuits.  Damaging the company specifically for the possibly to sell it?  I know I'd be pissed if I was an investor.



It's more likely that they're preparing to offer Facebook integration; currently US law prohibits social sharing of user's rental histories for video rental companies. Hence, they're spinning the "video rental" portion off into it's own business and will be offering integration of the "video streaming" history (which is not considered the same as "rental" under the current laws) and "likes" and whatnot. 

You can read more about the announcements they made today at the "F8" conference here:



I'm with Raswan on this one. Everyone is over-reacting. Seperating streaming was a logical decision. I've been waiting for it to happen for years.



That's pretty week, Wedbush. You could just as easily (and more persuasively) make the argument that Netflix has wanted to go all-streaming for a long time, and is looking to unload it's dvd-by-mail service. And these "bone-headed" moves are nothing more than the over-hyping and over-dramatizing of rational, reasoned decisions that the web so easily does.

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