Are Galaxy Tab Owners Suffering from Buyer's Remorse?



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BGR is reporting that those numbers are inaccurate.



I've found with anything new that the best course of action is to simply wait. For new types of products and technologies it's usually not a good thing to jump right in and buy one of the first products released. I think it's just a fad, when it comes to productivity and bang for your buck then a laptop is the best way to go.



Sounds possible. I think a lot of people expect tablets to be more than they actually are. They're expensive for what they do. This isn't limited to the Galaxy (though it is especially expensive), but I'd guess that people are probably less likely to return an iPad for a variety of reasons. One simply being that those who are buying a tablet now are probably people who don't have as much disposable income, those people all bought iPads last year.



I'm betting cost is the main issue here. Unlike Apple fanbois that are eager to pay 3x as much as they should (and would never admit they disliked their Apple product, let alone try to return it), regular people are going to pay a ton of money for one of these things, get it home, and then keep scratching their heads wondering what the hell are they going to do with it that warrants that stupid high cost. When it finally hits them that for the same price they could be a full fledged laptop instead, boom, back in the box it goes.



let's see at $399.00 w/contract and $599.00 W/out that's a bit steep. Now with a contract that's $30.00 a month that's $720.00 and most who bought the Galaxy Tab got it with a contract Thats $1,219 grand total.

Now is it me or dose that just sound a bit too much.

I like the Galaxy Tab but there is no way in hell I could justify the coast.


Keith E. Whisman

Your forget that the $30 bucks a month is for your data plan, your online anywhere you go as long as you have a cell signal. So you can't really put that $30bucks a month with the total cost of the tablet unless you're comparing the tablet and monthly fees to other tablets with monthly fees. But I wouldn't even consider the monthly fees for internet access because if I got it I was gonna get it anyway. So stick to the actual cost of just the tablet in comparison to other tablet and look at the 4G option as a plus or negative regardless if you take advantage of it. 

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