Are Dual-Core Netbooks in for a Price Drop?



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I recently bought an Acer Aspire One AOD255 for $200.  To my surprise, I found out it's a dual-core netbook.  For what I need it to do, it was a steal.



Awesome!  would love to see either an N330 or D510 dual core atom w/ hyperthreading bundled with an NVidia Ion in one of those for $200 or less as prices fall. nice purchase man.



I recently bought a Asus Eee Pc 1215T AMD 1.7 Single core for $330. Although not dual-core it performs great and it comes with a AMD/ATI 4250 graphics card which is great for internet-browsing and 1080p video which is a more important feauture than mult-tasking in my opinion. Its got a 12 inch screen and weighs under 2 pounds with 4 hours battery life. I know tablets are the greatest and latest thing right now but I still don't see the use for one when you have Smartphones that are practically the same thing (I'm looking at you iPhone and iPad) and lack a keyboard. When tablets start to offer feautures that smartphones and cheaper alternative netbooks don't have for less money that will be the day I'll buy a tablet. Somebody that has a tablet, what is the attraction? If you have an iPad don't even bother to talk to comment - first your an idiot because you bought an overpriced/underpowered product and still most likely own an iPhone already,\. 



if they drop to $200 or less for the really nice netbook or "mini notebook" then it'll be a steal and would be tempting

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