Are Discrete GPUs Now a Novelty Item? Check Out JPR's Q2 Numbers



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I still refuse to buy a PC / Laptop without a discreet GPU. but then again, I can build a computer so I know what a discrete GPU is. Most "normals" dont know what a discrete GPU is or why they need it until you show them the performance of a PC with and without one.




So you must be abnormal?

"Normals." LOL



VERY! ;-)


Joe The Plummer

How - less people spending money on non-essential items

Why - The economy is in shambles. Unemployment is at it's highest in 30 years, anemic GDP growth, dollar is worthless.

As said below, previous gen can play all the games out now. A friend of mine has a GeForce 250 and is having no problems playing games. I have a 550ti which is more than enough to power Black Ops, Bad Company, Crysis at 1080p.

So looking at two years worth of potential upgraders staying pat is why discrete GPU sales are down.



Maybe discrete GPU shipments fell because there are those of us out there that have last season's tech (5850) and have no trouble playing any of the latest games if we so desire. When games come out that stress dx11 cards then it will be time to upgrade. For some reason though it seems that games are stuck in dx9 mode. I'm guessing it's consoles but regardless, no need to upgrade means I'm going to save 200 bucks. 



No its because the last generation of cards can still run all the games because the shit console market has held back everyone.



Yeah, my thoughts exactly.  DX9 games are exactly taxing our rigs these days.



I think a question that needs to be asked is where do these new "APUs" fall in a comparison of all GPUs in their generation? I can't see them being any better then entry level discrete cards. So for a person that had no problems with an IGP in their last computer then an on die GPU makes sense. Other then for HTPC use I can't see any hardcore PC user going without a discrete card.

So yeah it'll most likely wipe out the entry level video card segment, but how big is it any way?

I'm more inclined to think the drop in sales has to do with the 28nm coming down the pike. I know I'm waiting to see those cards before I replace my HD4870. 



I can agree, my last builds for my various family members all included decent discreet cards, including my mom's.

with replacements now coming up I will be moving to the amd APU platform for most of them except my one nephew due to the price/performance scale. Even for my nephew I might give him an APU and hybrif crossfire it- his gaming needs are'nt top of the line.

What will be interesting is what the discrete card outlook be in the future? I don't want it to go away - neither do I want to have the choices limited to top end 3-400 dollar cards or Graphics on a chip 



not only that but the AMD APU platform sounds like it'll do pretty darn good.  From the specs I read, an AMD 6770 is a decent discreet card that would be great for that hybrid setup with an A8-3850 APU without breaking the bank for a nice entry level system. 

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