Are AOL Subscribers Dense?



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I still run into people who pay $24.95 a month for AOL. I've told them AOL is not honest and will not volunter the fact they could pay only $9.95 a month for the exact same service. Never mind the fact that in this area you can get bottom teir adsl for $14.95 a month, and get minimal of 10x faster internet over dial up.


Then again, AOL users are not usually know for being the brightest people in the world. Most of the people that have stuck with AOL this long deserve what they get. There are a few exceptions, such as lack of choice. My brother lives in a spot where AOL is the only isp available other than satalite service.

I always liked AOL for keeping all the morons off the real internet.



Troubling for whom?  If these people choose not to cancel their service then caveat emptor.  People chose to use Redbox and Netflix and other streaming services instead of Blockbuster, so Blockbuster loses.  People apparently aren't choosing to leave AOL, so they win.  AOL is providing a service, they're paying for it, the end. 

And if people are choosing to pay for AOL instead of their medicine, then they have no hope and don't understand priorities.  I know that sounds callous and insensitive, but people need to learn that the only person responsible for them is... THEM!  The only person responsible for you is... YOU!  And I'm responsible for me.  /rant


Talcum X

I wish it to be gone from this universe.



About 10 years ago I called AOL on behalf of my father-in-law to cancel their account because they had moved to cable.

Though I was standing in their kitchen with my father-in-law right next to me, the AOL representative made ir REALLY REALLY hard to cancel, asking for extensions, discounts, etc..  I finally had to put my father-in-law on the line and he just repeated saying "Press the button!" until they finally just cancelled his account.  I had never, and I have never, seen it so hard to cancel something.

Shame on AOL for their dirty little secret.  That $244m could be spent by seniors on medicine and other essentials.





Smart and somewhat savvy, she did not want ot lose her e-mail address is all. I got her to e-mail all her contacts and give a gmail account. Then she could cancel her account. I still have a landline (which i NEVER user for long distance) just to keep my phone number.



You can cancel the service without cancelling the account. We ditched our dial-up, but we (my family) still use our AOL emails. Of course, I've turned my AOL into my junk email and use Gmail as my new primary, but that's besides the point.



I would assume its a lot of older people. My grandma has always had AOL and doesn't want to change it no matter how bad it is comparatively.



Yep I do know people who pay 20 bucks a month for dial up.



Yes, to answer the headline



I feel sorry for the "older people" that don't have a tech savvy person to explain it to them. But as for the stuborn bafoons out there, I just laugh at them.



WTF!? really? I had AOL a long time ago, but i realized i did not want dial-up so i got broadband. I didn't understand why AOL still wanted me to pay to get online when i could clearly access my email without AOL. I guess stupid people might have a lot of trust in AOL or something of that nature.



Wow that's disgusting can't blame aol for not saying anything to their nieve customers but these are probably people who pay for joke text subscriptions lol



My brother and sister-in-law still subscribe to AOL...when I told them they can unsubscribe and keep their e-mail addy they told me to mind my own business, I guess they want to waste the money! :-D



You should have said back to them, "Well, something about a fool and his money..."  :-)

Seriously, why retarded people insist on being retarded is beyond me.  Your brother sounds like a dense boy, but then again, I don't know him.  I'm sure he's much worse than my expectation.

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