Arctic Announces New Graphics Coolers Compatible With A Wide Array Of Cards



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ROFL, I like how the article starts off like this is a frugal thing, and then it mentions that these things cost between 100 and 200 dollars.

"And if you haven't been able to spring for a new GPU in 2012, that's okay; these coolers support a vast array of cards from both Nvidia and AMD."...but if you can afford to spend this much money on a cooling solution, why couldn't you upgrade your card? ;)



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I didn't think the cards were noisy enough to bother. I guess that the only use would be to o/c the sum'of'a'bitches.



the dual gpu cards normally get a little loud. used to sport the 4870 x2 and the 5970 gpu's. had to always crank the fans up to keep them cool 'which turned them into leaf blowers'.



Why would I want a fan on the water block that has a radiator+fan attached to it? The *point* of putting a water block on the GPU is so you don't have a fan on your GPU making all that noise. Pointless. Just copy Corsair's self-contained water cooling solutions for CPUs and we'll be where we need to be.



Because its a one for all solution for most cards released in the past two years from two different companies. The pump and radiator is only for the die itself. The fan is for the VRM's and the memory. They cant water cool those because they are different configurations on every card. The VRM's could be raised or lower and you cant have a plate that works for every card.






I agree there. Until they make exception for after market coolers in Warranty details, which i doubt due to the inherent risks there... i'll stick to exterior cooling solution. Extra fans, etc, and better interior layout to get the correct pressure and airflow desired.
IF i had the willingness to make the risk, yes, I would strongly consider this.



They wouldn't be able to tell if you just put the original one back on. And most companies actually say that you can put on an aftermarket thing but the card can't have physical damage and must be returned in the original condition (so if your water block leaks you are fucked). But if you buy cards with factory assembled water blocks leaks are covered sort of.



The only problem with installing after market coolers, is that you void the warranty. so i try to avoid that all together, just in case my $500 gpu takes a big dump.



As long as you put the card back into original configuration and the same issues arise, EVGA has honored my warranties when it has come to water-cooling.


Peanut Fox

Same here. Back when I had a GTX 260 and it started failing I sent it in to EVGA. I requested the older 65nm version because my water block wouldn't fit on the newer 55nm one. Even told them I was cooling the one I had.

It depends on who you buy from. Just check out their site FAQs to see if they allow that type of modding under warranty.

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