Archos to Invade Sub-$200 Tablet Category with Honeycomb-based 70b



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I had an Archos 101 and it was Ok.. and by that, I mean it in the vast terms of "just ok". It was pretty sluggish, and the touch screen was not very responsive. I ended up sellin it because it just couldn't do what I'd really like to see out of a tablet. I love that it came with tethering standard, but small amount of ram and just a slow running system. Compared to a Toshiba Thrive, the one I had was massively insufficient for even basic needs. 


So I'd be a little bit leary about buying one, although the specs are a lot better.. I'd definitely like to use one in a store before I commited to buying another



This sound like a promising venue, especially since it runs 3.2. 

Archos are already at their 3rd or 4th gen of Android devices, I saw they had mixed reviews with previous entries, I hope this one could be a 10. 

I would definetly be in the market for an open (as opposed to closed Kindle or ipad) 200$ Android device, 10" is not portable enough for my taste.

I sure hope you will get a sample to review.

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