Archos Announces First Android Tablet with 250GB Hard Drive



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2 Things. Well 3...


1) It does not actually support "720p HD video playback", here are the Display Specs taken from Archos website "High resolution screen, WVGA 800 x 480 pixels, 7'' TFT LCD, 16 million colors" which means this is HDMI output only - the screen kinda sucks compared to other Tablets. For example the new playbook supports 1080 HDMI out playback and native screen resolution of  1024 x 600 screen resolution - The Archos screen / HDMI out playback Kinda sucks compared to what they'll compete with.

2) Why a 1GHz processor... seriously a weird choice considering any serious competition is going to go Dual Core. Even if this company doesn't think they "need" it, customers and their tech friends will see the differences. To add to this a dual core is more adaptable and since alot of new gen tablets will be sporting a dual core processor and alot of Apps/ games will be built with this in mind, seemingly excluding this device from possible innovations that competition will benifit from.


3) hard drive size is not practical at this time. Whatare you going to store on there? You can argue alot of movies or alot of music (A crap load of music) but for practical purposes what can this offer you over cloud services or streaming services? With Windows 8 focusing alot of cloud storage - as is the rest of the world pushing a huge hard drive as a winning feature is not likely to really attract customers.

This being said - this would make for a better E-reader at its price and spec point, other than that not serious competition at all.


Joe The Plummer

1) It does support 720p HD video playback. It says nothing about DISPLAYING it. I've had this device a couple of days now and it has played every 720p MKV file I've thrown at it. Screen does not suck. Photos and video look beautiful on it. Just because it's 800x480 doesn't make it sucked compared to other tablets. Does the iPad screen look better? Yes because it's an IPS, but you're also paying twice as much for that iPad. The Samsung Galaxy has a slightly higher res, but you are also paying more for it. As for any other tablets, well they're not out yet are they but I am currently enjoying my Archos 70.


2) Why not a 1GHz processor? Dual core processors are not yet available in volume which is why no devices are released yet that take advantage of them. And you can bet Apple will be the first and only one out for awhile when their next gen iPhones and iPads come out because they will buy out all available inventories. They have the clout to do it, leaving everyone else out in the cold. So that being the case, it's probably a year before any significant non-Apple tablets come out utilizing dual core processors. Then it will be at least another 6 months before software is available that takes advantage of the install base. So we are looking at 1.5 years before this is an issue. So that's 1.5 years of me enjoying my perfectly fine Archos 70.


3) Here is where I have no idea what you're talking about. Kind of hard to access the cloud if you are on the go. Nothing will ever beat local storage. The more the better. What am I going to store on here? How about 250GB of 720p video and music? I've had it just a couple of days and I've loaded it with over 100GB of video that I will watch on my daily commute. What does this offer over cloud? I don't know, how about ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE. AT&T, Verizon, etc. 3G networks are not yet ideal for streaming video and can barely handle music. Cloud, scmoud. Open video player, click play. Much better than wait for connection, connected, no wait disconnected, oh connected click stream garble garble garble...



This is about comparison to Existing and Soon to be launched products not a review of what would have been adequate last year. If your seriously going to challenge the bigger players then you need some force behind your punch. I seriously challenge you to compare this to the Ipad or Playbook and tell me why this is better or even close and defend those points and i think you'll be suprised...

1) If the screen doesn't actually play 720p then its not full playback, sure it can play the video but why waste the the extra space for HD content that the screen is going to make look like crap. I understand other companies put out the same claim but at least the Ipad and Playbook have decent resolutions - this one is like comparing a poodle to a rotweiler, and that sir is a fact.

2) Dual processors are everywhere, the Notion Ink will have a Dual Core, PlayBook, Galaxy Tab 2 and many more. And to add to this, the upcoming Android OS is built around Dual core and theres even talk that Honeycomb will only run on a Dual core systems, check Engadget :). Also browsing experiences and multitasking are enhanced by the dual core processor and IOS, QNX and Android have all picked up on this and are tweaking their software.

Again, apps are going to be built around Dual Core - Ever hear of fragmentation? Its the term used when software or hardware create instances where a application requires specific programming to perform on different platforms and hardware. Its an obvious progression to Dual core...

3) I agree extra space is nice and maybe 64G would be a nice offering but 250GB? Assuming each song you download is 5MB with that load you could store roughly 51,000 songs... really who has that many... To add to this you would need to rip your movies to move them to your Tablet requiring a PC, creating double the work and double the storage - only for overly hardcore media fanatics.. If you said "im just going to store these all these 250GB of movies only on my tablet" then your pretty much screwed if its lost - bringing you back to the cloud explaination (you can just create a share on your home PC - hit up some wifi and you've got your movie) You can argue that the storage is for movies you download but again that brings you back to the cloud, you need access at some point. 

As for the 3G comment . 4G is here now and will soon be everywhere. There are 4G USB internet Sticks avaliable from Verizon already. Look at the slew of tablets that have USB support, 3G no longer becomes a problem. Not to mention you could get 4G hubs that act as WiFi hotspots for mutiple devices and speed. 

Again, this would make for a nice "E-reader" device, lots of storage - low res screen and low price point.


Joe The Plummer

Having used the Archos 70 tablet for the better part of a month now, this thing is freaking awesome. Picture quality is very good, especially with 720p content. I have yet to hook it up to a HDTV through HDMI yet as I don't have a micro HDMI cable but will get one.

But to counter some of the points above: "at least the Ipad and Playbook have decent resolutions - this one is like comparing a poodle to a rotweiler, and that sir is a fact." Here is a fact. iPad is a 10" screen at 1024x768 res. Archos is a 7" screen at 800x480 res. Smaller screen should have a smaller res. The difference in quality is only going to be slightly noticable but that really has to do with the iPad being an IPS and not a TFT. Also lets not forget the Archos is a full $120 cheaper than the cheapest iPad.

"Dual processors are everywhere" - Really? Where? Show me where I can buy a tablet with a dual processor? Playbook? Nope. Galaxy Tab 2? Nope, Notion Ink? Vaporware.

I point to my previous post, we're talking a year out before we see dual cores in abundance. I don't disagree that dual core will be the norm, my point is I have the Archos now and have had it month and will have it and enjoy it for at least a year before we see true Honeycomb tablets out there. The Motorola Xoom is apparently a complete ripoff if the $800 price tag is to be believed and won't play all the media content my Archos can play. 

"Again, apps are going to be built around Dual Core - Ever hear of fragmentation? Its the term used when software or hardware create instances where a application requires specific programming to perform on different platforms and hardware. Its an obvious progression to Dual core..." - Have you heard of chicken and egg? Multithreaded programming is no joke, it is difficult to do. Tools have gotten better but developers are not going to program for a non-existent user base. As soon as it becomes economically practical they'll move to dual core programming. It takes time though.

" I agree extra space is nice and maybe 64G would be a nice offering but 250GB? Assuming each song you download is 5MB with that load you could store roughly 51,000 songs... really who has that many..." I do. Just haven't converted all my CD's yet. Got thousands. But it's the video that takes up the space. And no I don't store all my video on the tablet, they're backed up on my Home Server as well. So not screwed. The point of the tablet is I can take it with me, not that it's a backup storage solution. And on this note, one of the greatest things about the Archos is I can connect it wirelessly to my Home Server and download files to the Archos or from the Archos to the Home Server. It's not quite syncing but what an awesome option. It can stream from it as well or from SMB folders on any computer on the network.

"4G is here now and will soon be everywhere." - No it's not. 4G today is a marketing gimmick. The speeds are not much faster than 3G and AT&T's network isn't even 4G, they're lying.

Bottom line this device is fantastic and so far well worth $379 list price.




#1 i'm not arguing that it’s not a functional device. I actually recommended it to someone as an E-reader replacement.

First thing, a quick search on the Nvidea site pulls up quite the slew of Dual Core tablet and these are just the ones for the Tegra, you also have ARM devices such as Playbook, and a tablet by Ramos. Theres also the Adam and Blah Blah Blah... the list goes on. Even a simple Google search will prove the point...

These are the bigger players, you'd definitely find some single core devices but in comparison... it won’t take a full year. And as for the price tag it’s because these guys are testing the waters, they don't want to introduce a product that can’t sell. You first prove your concept to the people willing to pay and to yourself as a company mixed in with some actual competition and then adjust the price. The extra cost also goes towards addition features that Tablets such as the Archos do not have.

Now this business about multithreading.... multi core systems have been around a long time. This has been tackled, its more about changing the OS to conform not about the difficulties associated with threading. I can’t really say anymore than that... it should cover the point…lol.

Next up the point about the massive hard drive, you actually reinforced my point and referenced connection to your home server to access files, a quick Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go. But how reliable is your personal home server compared to a cloud solution that’s free always on, no power outages and safe from kitties chewing the wires. You know, reliable? Essentially your paying for a whole bunch of redundant storage instead of features, they could have put in a better screen, juiced up the processor or something instead.

Also, 3G only allows speeds of up to a few mbps. HSPA + or 4G can allow up to 84mbps.... with every extra 8mbps being another MBPS. So it’s actually quite a substantial difference. Even if they offer it at half speed it would still be much faster than 3G.

Truthfully I like it more than I did and this may prove to be a very good base model for future devices but to be more competitive, IMO they could have staggered the cost and hardware a bit better.



about point 1, I am pretty sure that it can display 720p over its HDMI connection and play HD content from the HDD or simply streamed from anywhere on the intarwebs



Bah, Archos is a media player company, and at that, it appears to be the best priced one with comparable screen size VS capacity and features. 

They called it tablet because the word is popular and so far I believe it could handle most tasks I want from my laptop: read RSS feeds and view emails. 

It also appear that it can hold my 70+Gig music collection as well as dozens of movies for playback in the car while on vacation. Winning this tablet is.


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