Aqua Computing Shows Off World's First Radeon 7970 Water Block



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Donno about the "beast" part as the benchmarks that I have seen on a bunch of sites did not exactly knock my socks off for a next-gen graphics card with faster clocks, more memory, more streaming processors,  a fatter memory pipeline, new architecture, AND a die shrink.

 A water block cooling solution will be useful as Ars showed that the card is going to be loud.



I'm with you on that one.

After all the hype I've been hearing before it was "released". It's faster then a 6990! Then it's all most as fast as a 6990! When they finally took the wraps off the puppy, I'm kind of underwhelmed. Still it's not a bad card and hopfully when the drivers are fully cooked we'll see better performance.

I've got a 3x120 rad and all it's doing is the CPU. So I'm pretty sure I'll be adding my new GPU/s to the loop. I wonder how good a block this one is?

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