Apple's iPad Already Out of Date



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Umm... duh?  Saw this coming even before the first one was released, which is why I didn't buy a Gen 1.  I know that EVENTUALLY they will release a version with some sort of external expansion, be it USB or card-based.




ifart lovers will bend over and take what steve jobs gives em with a grin on your faces.


PS - That is one funny ass pic!!



Keith E. Whisman

That's what I would do if I were Apple. I would be ready with millions of Ipad 2's for Black Friday at midnight. 

The Ipad needs more than a camera, it needs an SDCard slot. Hell, I would live with an Apple proprietary memory card slot as long as they produce a USB reader that allows it to be used on your desktop.



The only product i own by crapple is the 160 gb ipod, only cuz the zune was 80 gb. i am not a feature creature, my ipod stays in my car, basically being a big ass hard drive for my car stereo, which i bought to play my ipod, but will do any usb device, also has input for headphone jack, so im not tied down. I looked at a new imac, and laughed, a big ridiculous screen, with all the components inside the screen, god help you if one component fails, if my wifi goes, i can open up my case, and replace it for 50 bucks, or whatever n costs. i dont  need your boutique bs product, and will argue with the apple salesperson at Best Buy, they cant win, my 2 year old custom pc will still run laps around the icrap, cuz i bought mine with the ability to UPGRADE asshole, i have gotten a new video card, bigger hdd, cuz i can do it, comeon appleheads, prove me wrong, upgrade your paultry imac!



And this surprises who?

The day it arrived in Canada, I turned to an Apple Store clerk and said, "So Gen 2 is due for Christmas. January, latest?" He looked appalled. Regardless of what Apple may have publically announced as it iOS update cycle (funny if you've never had one before) and considering past 'issues' with Gen 1 products, I figured 6 months (or the nearest Apple fan conference) to get Gen 2 out.

When I pointed this out (and pointed out the obvious lack of, ahem...useful features on the iPad, he conceded this might make sense.

The Smug Bastard from Cupertino remains less inscrutable than he would like.



I'm sure Apple has design documents, feature lists, and tentative release dates for the next 3-4 iPads along with all their other products.

Every company does this.  There is always a wish list for the next version and they are always thinking ahead long term.  It's called a 5 year plan.



Uh huh. Most companies will do a slight design change 1yr or 1.5yrs after launch. Not 6mo later.

Apple has realized that they were/are going to get stomped in to the ground by the competition, and I'm sure there are some members of the Apple Braintrust that read forums, articles, reviews, etc on the iPad and saw all the issues that people have with the device, plus what the competition was doing and coming out with and started to panic!

But, then again this IS Apple. The company more concerned with scamming it's customer base, then actually producing a long term product!



Yeah, between this and the App Store changes, Apple shows even it can see the writing on the wall. Web Designers haven't exactly raced to dump Flash in order to run on the Maxipad, and now you've got a wave of competitors with better features, running a variaty of more open OSes than Apple's Stalinware, and generally at the same price or lower than apple's usual Caddilac level pricing scheme.


but you know, even a blind sow finds an acorn every once in a while.






Haha, oh you silly Apple first adopters.  Why haven't you learned how this works yet?  Apple hates you, but they sure love your money and your sycophantic eagerness to give it to them.  I just have to laugh because anyone could have seen this coming from 100 miles away.  You have to hand it to Apple though.  They really know how to capitalize on these people and keep them coming back for more.  It's quite an amazing phenomenon.



But what's really funny is that Apple will tout the ipad 2 as the most revolutionary and life altering gadget to ever grace the earth in the hands of mankind. I'm sure SJ will have at least 2 press conferences telling you so and why his fritters should upgrade.



The most shocking part isn't that Stevie J would release the maxiPad 2 so soon, it's that all of his Apple cultists will bitch and moan for about a week and then all run out and buy the new one anyway. Expect to see a shitton of first gen maxiPads on eBay as soon as the maxiPad 2 is released.



I think this pic sums up the situation quite nicely.


I think I saw it here on MaxPC or Engadget somewhere, but can't remember exactly.  But it's so true.  It still makes me laugh my ass off because it's so spot on.

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