Apple: We Sold More than 300,000 iPads on First Day



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it'll be a rip off when MS comes up with courier or lenovo with it's hybrid slate. I'm waiting for those two to come into the scene.

 the same peep waiting on the line who bashed against ipad when job announced it. they laughed over it's name, and now they were the same loosers loosing night's sleep waiting on the line to get it. 




beeky 1000

I was amomg the 300000


Keith E. Whisman

So they found 300,000 suckers to pony up the cash for one of these. The slate will be out sometime in the next six months as well as a slew of others that will just knock the pants off this POS.



Everyone and their mom is familiar enough to know Apple will make an actual decent one of these devices within the next year or so.  Why is anyone wasting there money on version 1?  Version 1 Apple products are the equivilant to eating road kill cause you can't wait to get to McDonalds.



IDGARA.  I Don't Give A Rat's Ass.

*yawns and goes back to sleep*





nsk chaos

by now people should realize that its not what the hardware can do for the consumer but the outer shell and apps that go along with the gadget that makes up the most of it....even if that gadget is a piece of sh*t on the hardware level.



I love the comment that iPad users, on average, downloaded close to one book. That just struck me as funny.



a dvd drive!? 2002 called, they want their DVDs back.



If you're going to write about this junk, you should probably also post articles about washing machines and dish washers. At least those items have some practical benefit, and can accomplish work - unlike Apple products.

Also, we don't want to hear about your iPhones on the podcast. We get it. You enjoy junk. But we don't need to hear about it. It shakes my confidence in the staff.





What is up with all the hatred towards apple? I mean gosh, they developed and sold the first PC, and yes PC stands for Personal Computer, so MaximumPC has every right in the book to talk about apple products.

And why aren't you yelling at MPC for talking about other "phones" like the Droid (love mine) for instance. It's obvious you hate apple, and can't stand anyone that happens to enjoy one of their products such as the iPhone.

Your acting like a typical liberal democrat, if you don't like something, nobody should ever have to see/hear about it. However, if you like/are something, then everyone else needs to be tolerant of your orientation, you can't just stay in the closet where you belong.

I am not a huge Mac/Apple user, as the software I use for a living is only made for Windows (long live Windows 7) however I do have 2 Macs in my house, an iMac and eMac, they have their place for media and entertainment, just not while I am working.

Apple is a successful company, if at nothing else pushing MS to produce something other than crap, you can thank them for the gift of Windows7. :) 



Keith E. Whisman

Don't blame any of us. Apple started this hate on hate war with their anti PC commercials and their PC hating blogs on their Mac magazine websites. 

We all hate on MS but by god we'll defend it from Apple.

So we are just hating back in return. They hated us first. So don't be complaining here. We are the sole voice of reason in this world and they wont listen. 



cause crapple is rotten to the core and all it's little fritters are bonehead morons that think they are the best at everything they do. Why? Because SJ says so....that's why!



On the top of this website from DailyRadar is a link to MacLife. Go post all this stuff over there!


We want to hear about the Notion Ink Adam!! (or any PC stuff lol) 

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