Apple Updates MacBook Air Line, But Core 2 Duo Still Inside



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No way you can call this a netbook. The full fledged CPU and up to 4GB RAM preclude that. I see that Apple has to stick to Core 2 over Core i3/i5 to keep the nVidia graphics. It also has a hi def display, full size keyboard and track pad. SO don't think this is a netbook because it blows them away. I'll wait to see how it performs against similar laptops with the COre i3/i5. But for me, I can't use something with such limited storage so I'll pass. It is a great little thing if you want a little thing, but laptops are gettting lighter all the time so is the diminishing advantage worth it?



Why not?

Last time I checked the latest adam-like netbook chip was like 1.3 and duel core.  Seems to me its pretty much on par.  Toss in a graphics chip and you can probably play WoW at best.  You certainly can't play Crysis or Far Cry 2 on the netbook.  Oh thats right, you can't play that on a mac anyway.  Perhaps a bad comparison.

Oh and most netbooks have more storage. 

And there's one more thing....

I almost forgot.  They're 500 to 600 dollars CHEAPER.

Other then that, this mac shit is exactly the definition of a netbook.  Screen size?  Check.  Long battery life? Check.  Shitty computing power?  Check.

Grats Steve Jobs for being a hypocrite (again).



Atom CPUs are bogus. You have to go back to the original Pentium M to find that level of performance. So what if they are dual core. You can't compare the two chips. You also can't compare the two graphics systems either, descrete nVidia whips up on integrated Intel hands down. So if you revisit your definition of netbook you'll have to take out the last caveat and rethink the other two. I'll also venture that the display is likely an IPS panel and performs much better than any netbook.

Sure $600 is a big price difference, but you don't buy laptops by the pound. Well, I don't but it sounds like you do, Shadai. If you want lighter and more expensive their is that Sony VAIO X series which has exactly what you are looking for - Atom CPU, 533MHz DDR2, long battery life, light weight and even a touch of style. Low Res screen, cramped keyboard and small touchpad really don't matter to you, do they? And it is reasonably priced well over $1000. That is exactly the definition of a netbook.



Well I don't really care, but since you are going to call me out and everything....

I don't buy laptops by the pound, nor do I buy overpriced, underperforming, tech-from-3-years-ago piles of crap just because it has an apple on the cover.  Jobs slings BS all the time, and clearly you are impressed.

Looks like a netbook, kinda smells like one, but the great Steve Jobs and Bender say it is not.  Okay, well, sure told me off.  No problem.  You wanna compete in cheap laptop land macboy?  Good luck.  There are laptops by the dozens that beat the pants off this crap with core i7 chips.  Actually, anything core.  Core i3 will run circles around this.

Oh yeah, and the best part?  They are still all cheaper.

Go go aggressive pricing!



It may be a Core2Duo processor, but at least it uses DDR3 RAM.  It looks great and I love the switch to solid-state, but it's still way more than I'm willing to spend on, essentially, a fancy netbook.



The core2duo still showing its ugly face... i thought it was a great chip at the time, anything to get away from the 'pentium' series, don't get me wrong, but compared to any of the new core i3/5/7, it's weak and already obsolete.  In my opinion, it's an insult to anyone looking to 'upgrade'.  I appreciate the build quality, that's about it, outside of that, Apple loves to endlessly rip its customers a new a-hole... but to be fair, the customers willingly bend over and take it






Anyone educated in computers knows this...the other 95% of the market, not so much.



I admit Apple has it's place, as does windows.

I own a Mini Mac, and an older eMac.

But I have to admit, the new air looks very nice, I might just have to buy one for "work" and write it off.....



Does it support Trim for the SSD?



No version of OS X currently supports TRIM, nor is it planned for the next implimentation of OS X (believe it is called Lion). During the latest AppleTech training seminar this was actually brought up and at first the trainer thought we were talking about Final Cut The response from a more technical minded tech trainer was that (word for word quote) "An SSD running at 50% speed is still faster than a standard Hard Drive". Total facepalm moment for



 "An SSD running at 50% speed is still faster than a standard Hard Drive". Total facepalm moment for


Not entirely a facepalm moment. Depends on the SSD and on the HDD. Since it's a laptop, I would assume they were comparing a 5400rpm laptop drive with an average SSD. The statement would likely be true then.



Yeah,  but who buys an SSD because it is a little faster than a 5400 rpm drive, lol.  Looking at the hardware that is in the Air, and the prices they are selling them for, the Air looks to be a total rip-off compared to a similarly-equipped Windows-based device. 



Apple has for years sold chevrolet parts at cadillac prices.

Anyone who has experience with an SSD-driven device would choose them over a platter drive, assuming they could afford to. And of course, that STILL doesn't address the issue of the absence of a TRIMM command.



Its too big an oversight that there is nothing like the TRIM for OSX. It might not be called TRIM but you'd think the drive vendors would have some sort of garbage collection utility that works under OSX, or even a dissatisfied hacker. They can hack OSX to run on open platforms but they can't make a garbage collection TRIM emulator? If there is indeed nothing like that out there I'm jumping out my window in disbelief.

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