Apple Tells Tech Support Not to Help Malware Victims



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Mastro Antonio

Lol pwned. Great job mate.



To be fare, if I bought a Dell/Compaq/HP PC, and got a virus/malware infection, and contacted Dell/Compaq/HP for support, what do people think I would get in the way of support? Granted, I would hope they would at least TRY to direct me to some kind of resource (including their OWN forums) to let me try and provide support for myself... but I don't know...

I do think it's a dose of karma that Viruses and Malware are starting to show up on the 'that doesn't happen to a Mac' platform. You really have to have your head in the sand if you think a Mac is somehow immune because it's a Mac.



When I worked for HP doing tech support for American customers (HP outsourced some of their support to Canada), and a user called in and they had some form of malware on their system, we were more than happy to help them clean it off their PC. However, nine times out of ten, it was a $35 charge for us to help them. But we would stay with them until it was clean.

More often than not, during that process I would have them remove Norton, and install AVG on their system in addition to doing a full clean. Going through the start up items step-by-step, safe mode, even the registry.

If we exhausted everything and were unable to clean the system, we'd walk them through an FDR (Full Destructive Recovery). Hopefully with the recovery discs that they made. If they were too afraid to do that, were unable to do it at the time, etc, then we'd direct them to an authorized service centre (usually Staples or some such).

The few virus cleaning calls that I took where there was no hope for the system, I'd sometimes get the user bitching about a refund. Politely telling them that after spending 4hrs on the phone with them and only charging them $35 is pretty tame compared to someone who would come to their house, charge upwards of $50 just to show up and then charge $35/hr calmed them down quickly.



Very well said. And I guess I should have quantified my comment by saying something like, "what would people expect I would get in the way of free support." I've been on the other end of the scale, being the under-paid tech support at the local Staples, removing crud that people would get on their systems. We would offer the service, and it would be an attempt to get the system in the door so we could up-sell anything our management wanted us to pressure the client in to. When I tried to offer even a bit more then what was thought to be aacceptable, on an already highly profitable removal cost, I was told I should be asking for $80/hr more. Naturally, the client would not want to go that route 9 times out of 10. I'm glad some places try to offer reasonable value, sometimes. Many just want to milk a cow.

Don't get me wrong, if Apple won't even consider offering for-a-fee support... well... I'm not really that surprised. Heck, Macs are so 'magical' that I'm sure they avoid so many threats that they just don't have staff who are versed in Malware and Virus removal. I'm sure that's why it's being handled this way.



Man that's funny.



I used to work in a tech support call center for the old AT&T Broadband, in the Internet department. We got just as many calls from Mac users, proportional to their share of the market, as we did from PC users. They weren't any easier to work with and had just as many problems as PC's did.

Before that, I used to sell computers at the old Computer City. Mac "Cultists" (as I'd call them) would actually come to the store and confront us about using PC's. They didn't seem to be able to accept that we had absolutely no problems with people using whatever they wanted. It made no difference to how much we made or anything else. Yet they had to come in and preach the Jobs Gospel.

All they achieved was to reflect poorly upon their chosen objects of worship . . .



sounds like aethiesm (no offense, but it is mostly true). But yeah, I couldn't care less about what you use (I would recommend Windows in a heartbeat still), but I really hate it when people try and say my Apple product pwns blah blah blah, I only got this one guy to zip it after building a $600 computer capable of running better than his $2,000 macbook.

Macs are just way overpriced, I don't even see the point. They aren't a very open company either...



Sounds like athiesm? You know that atheism doesn't believe in any form of religion therefor don't believe any form of worshiping.



Maybe they want to just ignore it so it will just go away? I think they don't want this situation turning into something like an episode of Mythbusters and have that reputation ruined.




that's all i'm gonna say

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