Apple Teaches Mac Users How To Carry a Computer, We Explain Peripherals



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Great! I rated the support article 5 stars. It completely solved the problem I was having with my iMac G5. I could not find an equivalent solution for the same problem I am having with my MacBook Air, however.



You have to disconnect from wifi too, then you can move it.



I did the same, solved my problem. I'll check back if my kid downloads porn.


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I am a paying subscriber to MPC, can I please be freed fro this procedure please?



These are nearly the same instructions they give for upgrading your Mac. 

"Don't know how to upgrade your iMac G5? It's easy," Apple explains. "Before upgrading your computer, make sure all cables and cords are disconnected. Pick up the iMac G5 by grasping both sides of the computer. Carry it to the waste collection container, and drop in. Immediately head to your nearest Apple Store and have one of our geniuses help you with purchasing your new iMac."



We welcome all PC (as in Personal Computer) users to the Maximum PC fold, be they Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX fans.

Actually, as a long time MaxPC reader, I don't welcome Mac fans. MaxPC is all about DIY systems and maximum performance gaming rigs which are completely opposed to all that Apple is about.

Apple ifanboyism has infected pretty much every other media outlet can't you just let us have MaxPC to ourselves?




I'm OG boot maxpc, and my mac mini is outfitted with dual OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6g SSD's in RAID 0, hyperX RAM, and a pre-ordered thunderbolt to PCI-E bridge. Not to brag, thes kind of specs are at best average around here, but DIY goodness is possible on macs.  Yes, putting the SSD's in the tiny mini was like rediculously difficult compared to building a PC, but seriously what's with the hate dude.  i guess sometimes haters have to hate, but geez.  Oh, the fact that the mini has a non-amplified sound input was annoying as hell, but solved that with a $2 usb sound adapter.  anyway.  i was a die-hard opposer of mac before the intel switch.  now it's all just PC's.



I have an original G4 Mini, that I also did several upgrades on. More RAM, bigger HDD. It's possible, just not as easy.



Ha! Great stuff. Reminds me (in a good way) of this real DVD, "How To Surf the Web on your Mac":



Some people are just very intimidated by computers.

This isn't really limited to computers, and it isn't a new thing...

Most people could unblock their toilets if they actually spent five minutes and learned how to. Obviously, you need a plumber for a serious job, but I know many plumbers make a lot of money off jobs that they're not really needed for. Ask a building super just how often they have to do repair jobs that require no skill... their tenants are just clueless.

Computers scare a lot of people so they just don't try.




I logged in just to thank you for posting a reasonable and insightful comment that adds to the discussion.




Be the change you want to see on the internet! :)



... Only in lawsuit happe America.

The litigation industries have pretty much ruined justice and common sense!



This sounds a little complicated for the Apple users.



It's funny, but it's not.  It's really not because we excuse and cater to those who lack basic common sense. AND what is particularly sad, is that any idiot that suffers from such a deficiency has the ability to slap a lawsuit on whichever party he/she feels should be responsible for their lack of common sense. And in most if not all cases, THEY WIN.  So we need to have disclaimers for stupid people all over the place.

As for moving a computer, we're not talking technical knowledge here, we're talking about picking up an object and moving it. So easy a caveman could do it.... No? Then call Geek Squad to come move it for you.

I guess survivial of the fittest went out the window a long time ago.




While this did make me laugh, having worked in the pc and mac markets (I hate those definitions by the way, but windows and macs doesn't work either), I have met plenty of people who need this kind of instruction. These are the people that will grab the imac by the top, having their fingers press down on the display to grip it, thereby breaking it. And before too many people make fun of Apple users, see if you can recall how many people you have met who turn off their computer by holding down the power button to force it off, unplugging it, or turning off the surge protector, or one of my favorites, using a magnatic tipped flathead screwdriver to remove RAM. No group of people are without their idiots.

My guess is that apple put this out "just in case" someone tries to get their screen replaced because they "didn't know".



That's a cool story, bro.

I seriously doubt there's many Mac users contemplating a transition to (the exclusive use of) Windows. 

Seriously though: we live in a world where people must be warned in writing that their coffee is "hot." Also stupid, but it really only protects the server from frivolous lawsuits. Nothing, however, can truly prevent a dumbass from burning him or herself with coffee. See where I'm going with this? ;)

...but anyway: carry on.



...maybe Apple just really knows their users. :-P



Hey, laugh-a while you can Monkey-Boy.

It all seems very funny until you meet someone who decided to move their computer WITHOUT disconnecting all cables and cords, or they’ve grasped it by the convenient pop-out handle/drink holder.

Every time I read boiler-plate warnings regarding the advisability of operating a toaster in the shower, I think: "What the hell happened that made them think they better mention THAT from now on"?

Just another reminder that 100 is only the AVERAGE IQ.

Even my wife, a woman of astonishing and terrifying brilliance, has her blind spots.  I came home once to find her quite frazzled and cradling a spoon.  Apparently she had come up against an uncooperative extension cord and a sticky socket.  On prying the reluctant plug out, she had developed some first hand knowledge about what happens when you bridge the gap between the prongs with a metal object.

I keep the smelted sooty spoon as insurance for the next time something moves into my own blind spot.



No No No. You're not doing it wrong. You need to lift with your back, and put your groin in to it. And when you stand up, you do it in a quick twisting, jerking motion!



Where are the instructions for putting it down?



Apple! He is right! I am carrying everything but you didnt tell me how to put them down! Now I have to type and proofread this sentence on my unmoved PC with my feet as my sweaty grip loosens on my peripherals!



That's incredibly funny dude! Made my morning too!



ROTFL, Thanks you made my morning.

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