Is Apple Taking Crazy Pills?



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Normally I have little issues with Macs except they are overpriced tools nice software but that is it. I work for a design company that to take the low end of macs vs pc they buy mac mini's for us to work on if they had just bought a pc for what they spent on that I could acutally work on 1gig psd files not go take a break for 10-15 minutes




i think Jobs thinks he is god. he is the most delusional person ive ever seen



The iPhone issue is a non-issue remember. The Lord Steve Jobs said so!

They'll prob. just be announcing yet another iPod to saturate the market with... And all the Sheeple will flock to get them. Why? Because it's a new shiny!



I hope they do address the iPhone 4's current set of problems PLUS, I'm hoping, a move to Verizon.  AT&T's really bad, I still have an iPhone 3G and I'm holding out on upgrading to the 4 unless there's a move to Verizon.  AT&T's service is just plain awful: I'm lucky to be on 3G anytime during the day, I get about 2 bars and most of the time, I surf the web on EDGE.  This makes my commute a living hell, especially since I rely on AT&T's network for things like facebook and YouTube (I have an hour commute, one way).



I wonder if they are going to talk about the massive flood of people moving on to android phones from iPhones.  My wife and I are two of them.  After two years of pathetic phone service from AT&T with the iPhone, we switched back to Verizon and got two shiny new Droid 2 phones.

Apple execs are fools for not striking a deal with Verizon.   Now that there is a viable option to iPhones with droid smartphones, it is time to leave AT&T and daily dropped calls.   AT&T never again.

It's a shame, really, since we actually liked the iPhone.

Well I guess Apple has to try something.  They had their niche when Vista was out and there was no competition to iPhone, but now Windows 7 is front and center, and is steamrolling those expensive mac computers, and droid is out taking no prisoners.

MAYBE if apple fixed that damn antenna problem with the iphone 4 and had it available for Verizon we would go back.  But I don't know - I kind of like all the cool apps I have downloaded for the droid.   The interface is not as slick as the iphone, but after a week of getting used to it, it is not too bad.

Well whatever - life moves on, and a phone is a phone.  Knock yourselves out apple.  I won't be tuning in.





No offense meant to the author (as this article was well written and all), but this is not news; this is business as usual at Apple. They spout some technologically inaccurate/misleading nonsense, they make themselves look like morons to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, their sheep eat it up and thank Apple for blessing them with such wisdom, and the world keeps on turning.

I have no issue with you if you like Apple products or if you endorse PCs. I don't care what reasons you have for choosing one or the other, and I will concede that both PCs and Apple computers have individual areas where they excel. You're into what you are into, and that fact itself doesn't hurt or bother me at all. What I absolutely cannot tolerate are people that think they are better than me for using one or the other. They're computers. They're tools. If it really matters to you that much, you have no life. Buy what you want, use what you want, and shut up and leave me alone. Nobody cares.



" They're computers. They're tools. If it really matters to you that much, you have no life. Buy what you want, use what you want, and shut up and leave me alone. Nobody cares."

If that's how you feel then GTFO. As a technologist, I am PASSIONATE about computers and computing and refuse to apologize for it. So really, who's judging who with statements like that? If you're not willing to be around people who are passionate about technology there are plenty of places to go but this isn't one of them. If feeling intense interest in something and really caring about the direction that technology is going means "you have no life", then so be it: I'll hang out here with the other no-lifers while you do something  important, like surf facebook, or forward e-mail jokes, or something.

It's the same reason I don't go to a car show and tell (or expect the) the gear heads there to stop arguing about Ford versus Chevy. It IS a big deal to them. *I* think it's a retarded debate, but I totally GET what it is like to be passionate about something and so do not pass judgement on those guys or expect to change them with tirvially stupid "wisdom" like "It's just a car". It's not like the thought "Hey these are just vehicles! They're utilitarian! You can all stop debating, now!" has never been made to them before. But cars have more meaning to them than that... and if they don't to you, well then, like I said, GTFO.

Same here with computers.

So, if you don't want to hear how bad Macs (or PCs) suck hang out with people who don't give a sh*t.




Some people are stupid about computers and technology in the same way others are about their cars. I drive a ten year old Ford Escort and I catch a lot of flack from owners of other models. But my car still runs like a dream, gets 32 mpg and is totally paid for. It's the same with my computers. I can do everything I need or want to do with PC's (I own five) but if your choice is a Mac more power to ya. When I started using personal computers the IBM PC had just hit the market, the Mac didn't even exist and the system I used ran on CP/M. It was a natural transition to go to the PC. If the Mac had been first to the market I probably would be using them instead.

As you said chipmunk, they are tools. People need to stop acting like they are gods and that the future of the world depends on which one dominates.



I care! F*ck you Apple, I'm going home.






Hmm, Quicktime seems to be the only major video format Apple has produced, and it works on Linux and Windows.

I'll bet they're just using a User-Agent filter.  You can download the user agent switcher extension for Firefox to bypass that.



Quicktime also happens to be a program *cough* virus *cough* that, in my experience, always imposes itself on the hosting OS, boots up even if removed from boot lists, updates all the time, and is almost impossible to completely uninstall without a reg cleaner or a LOT of time.  And, it doesn't seem to be any lighter or easier to use than any other program. Crapware, IMO.



I have a feeling there is more to it then just user agent, like stream encoding/format



"thumbs up".  As I work on papers for college my topics often come back to the openness of the original standards that made the web what it is today (HTTP, FTP, TCP, etc) and how Apples current "open" claims are simply nonsense, and really just regressive in terms of technological advancement.  This Apple brand loyalty is the most elaborate and widespread fad of our time.



I always knew that Apple was a douchey company, but to shut out even their own products that are just a few years old is pretty disgraceful.  Microsoft still supports 10 year old Windows XP.  Apple doesn't even support PPC machines (of which my mac mini is).  This only galvanizes my reasons for boycotting apple products.  It's getting to the point where I will start to look at people with their iPads and iPhones as bad consumers for supporting such a miserable, arrogant and elitist company.



LOL and to think i didn't know you guys could sink any lower



hope some insane pc fan will run in during the conference and hit him on the head with a pc

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