Apple Store Bomb Threat Lands Teenager in Jail



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Well the right reaction to this article is LOL, I mean why would anyone threat a Apple store, what did not get any discounts, then join the easysaver program, do not go making such illegal problems for yourself.



To the guy claiming to know what a TERRORIST is, here's a definition: a person who terrorizes or frightens others. The KID posted a message for the pupose of FRIGHTENING OTHERS (Customers and Employees of the Apple Store), so yes by definition the KID is a TERRORIST. And yes what he was doing was TERRORISM, which by definition is deliberate violence or threat of violence. So yah it's bad enough we have to worry about idiots trying to blow up planes and shoot people, we don't need stupid KIDs thinking it's funny to post messages threating to harm other people. To me he is a TERRORST and yes what he did is TERRORISM.



Just like Gilbert Arenas though it was funny to bring a gun to the arena. Idiots.



 ok,people need to look up terrorism in a dictionary or even Wikipedia to learn when to apply the title.  The kid was not threatening the public to push his own political ideas or to cause terror to gain an upper hand.  Terrorist laws should not be applied to 17 year old kids who did something stupid.  


People/laws go to far in applying pop titles like terrorism.  The attack on the USS Cole was by definition
NOT a terrorist attack because it was a military/government target.  Killing people to scare them so they'll do what you want or to gain power, THAT is terrorism.  Typing a message on a laptop in a store making a threat is not.  That kid is scared shitless, punishment enough, he learned his lession. 


~~The difference between insanity and genius is merely succes~~



At the age of 17, I was scared shitless having my miranda rights read to me after squirting some (washable, might I add) paint on a teacher's back.  "criminal mischeif" was the charge. They said they could have gone with battery or assault, but were "Giving me a break".

 All this happened to the same teacher who assigned a record breaking 27 detentions in one day.



To quote Cracked, 

Lost hopes:

Warcraft IV

Timesplitters 4

Star Wars: Battlefront III

Mercenaries 3 (but with LucasArts) 




this gives me an idea...lets turn all the radical terrorists against apple. JK



 dman them Terrorist, ter-ror!

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.


I Jedi

You are going to jail now for suspicion of terrorism.




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