Apple Shoves HP Aside to Lead the Mobile PC Market



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Oh, good! College girls buying crap laptops numbers are higher than expected!

Seriously, who else buys these things?



Maybe HP or Microsoft should think about hiring Steve Jobs....


Neel Chauhan

Once, Steve jobs was an employee of HP before he decided to make Apple.



Maybe HP shouldn't ahve fired Mark Hurd



Apple is going to continue to eat our cake until MS gets serious about a scalable OS we can install on anything from a phone to a workstation.

Android needs to get serious and move beyond portable devices.

The Chrome OS needs to be released to the public so we can install it on anything and put it to use.

Somehow, the non-Apple world has fallen into the trap we always fault Apple for - closed environments.  Our cell phones, our tablets, our PDAs - all are locked down by their respective vendors and they are doing a horrible job of managing their closed environments beyond trying to push their own app stores or exclusive content deals.  The only vendor we have who understands open systems - Microsoft - is nowhere to be seen on any device other than workstations and laptops.



Ubuntu Linux in particular.  Its open-source.  For now, Canonical just needs to bring Ubuntu to more coputers preinstalled and put out more marketting effort.  In my perosnal experience, Ubuntu is perfect for the average user who justs listens to music, watchs videos on internet, checks emails, word proccessing, basic stuff.  Unlike Windows, it doesn't slow down much or at all over time and with use.  Where Ubuntu lacks is for business because Microsoft can provide stuff that businesses really need like Microsoft Office and some other stuff. 



Um yeah, the iPad is, not by any strech of the imagination, a PC.  So let's just go ahead and remove that from the figures and see how much they've sold.



Asuming all the numbers in the article are correct, a little more than 4% market share of all moblie PC's sold.

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