Apple Releases List of 'iPad-ready' Websites



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Secretly, I'm an iPad fanboy, but the kind that will under no circumstance come out of the closet.

I love the idea that Apple have a list of websites iPad owners can visit (safely). How about YouTube? Do people with Macintoshes visit that one? They will get links from friends and they will have to put their iPad down and fire up their regular computer device. I love it!

One critical design flaw with the iPad. It is not circular. I bet the inventor of the frisbee first tried a rectangular shape, but found out that it could be improved. He called it frisbee 2.0, then iFriz.



What strikes me as funny about this is Apple is sortof admitting that the Ipad cannot replace a laptop, netbook or any real machine.  If this device cannot just display a site as is, then it's not replacing anything other than an Ipod touch.



 Wouldn't this be awesome if Apple was all like, "AWWW! APRIL FOOLS! Sorry, we're just pulling your leg, the iPad can only access the app store and"



Mac OS X 10.6.3 "Bandaged Kitty" : Available now



There is so much more to using a computer than going to web sites. I can not see the pad replacing even my notebook (a net book maybe) never mind my workstation.  The hype for this thing is amazing considering what it can not do. It can not use flash so this is an advantage??

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