Apple Recalls Certain iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drives



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Of course its a very small number of Mac's that are affected. There are only very small numbers of Mac's in existence. Only a small percentage of people are stupid enough to buy a Mac.


MdX MaxX

Oh look, only three contact options, all of which involve handing your device off to Apple.  The perks of locked-down hardware...



Apple authorized service providers are not Apple. They have been certified to work on Apple computers. Kind of like taking your car to a repair shop instead of a dealer. The repair shop isn't owned by the manufacturer. Hopefully they have the knowledge to work on your car and maybe have been certified by that manufacturer to say they know what makes your car tick. That is all that means. And you don't have to do even that for your computer if you don't want to. Under the recall, if you want it done for free then bring it to someplace that will charge Apple for the repair. That is all Apple is saying.

I like your passive way of saying you hate Apple though /sarcasm.



Wasn't the 1TB Seagate drives the capacity with the problem when these things first came out?



My personal experience of the last two years:

Seven 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12, Four RMA

Two 750GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12, One RMA.

RMA WD zero.

Doesn't sound too surprising to me.





Keith E. Whisman

You should always strive to emulate Luke Skywalker and stay away from the dark side and Lord Jobs The Dark Lord of the Mac Sith. Don't give into the darkside and buy or use anything remotely connected with Mac or Steve Jobs.



You must be missing out on quite a bit then. I know Disney and Pixar are mainly for kids but that must be a huge whole in your life. If not then maybe sports is your thing but having to deal with sports without ABC sports or ESPN would drive me crazy. You also must hate using your computer too since Apple was the first company that made them commercially available for the mass market. Maybe you don't hate your computer but I hope it isn't related to HP then in anyway since Steve used to work there too. Maybe you like video games? Well anything that came after Atari you should probably stay away from. Speaking of things to stay away from that would include anything from Microsoft since Apple and Microsoft are partners. Anything Unix based as well since Apple uses a unix base as it's core for the OS. Oh what about Intel? I hope you are an AMD fan but not ATI. Guess what Apple uses those too. Google related items? Do I really need to go on?

Man eliminating all this technology must make your life extremely simple.



Um, hate to break it to you, but I don't approve of Macs.  We would love using them if we weren't bent over every time financially.

Note: if any of my believers claim to use a Mac, they were never one of my people to begin with.  We kicked them out quite a while ago (you might not have heard about the Great Mac Purge on Korriban).

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