Apple Posts Snide Apology to Samsung on U.K. Website



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I don't know if I've read any good stories on Apple in a while. A bogus EPEAT rating, reversal of patents which shouldn't have been granted in the first place and the iPad Mini; over priced and with a display which was 'better' than the Nexus 7 just because it was larger? By that measure; a $100 Chinese tablet has a 'better' screen because you can get a 10 incher.

I said a while back that with the iPhone 4S, Apple was targeting the Galaxy S2 which came out some 6 months earlier. Now Apple seems to have gone after the Galaxy Tab 7.7 which came out nearly a year ago now. And the Samsung still has a better display.

Now this? Apple can go hang itself for all I care...



Apple is like a spoiled rich kid. You know, the ones you never liked hanging with except to play with their overly expensive toys for 5 minutes. You never technically owned the toys, you just put in enough time to be allowed to enjoy them. They rich kid always had to have his way and made life miserable for everyone, especially other kids who had similar, yet less expensive toys.



Glad they handled a court order in such a professional manner, adhering to both the letter and the spirit of the law. Makes me feel good about Apple's corporate philosophy.



One of the reasons I am android all day! Unreal the crap apple pulls to make them feel superior even though their products have not been cutting edge for a few years now.






+1. love it.


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