Apple Posts Record Earnings, Sells 37 Million iPhones in Last Quarter



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The Corrupted One

I laugh so hard at "Think Different" signs now.

Apple has become so cliche, so overused by everyone, that when I walk into a room and say "I build my own computers, and I use Windows 7" people have a lot of negative reactions, and sometimes even insult me.
Now, the best they can do is quote the Mac vs. PC ad campaign, so I can defend my position pretty well, but it's now evident that to use a Mac is no longer to think different.



No longer think different? I think it's more like they just don't think period.



....No, not forever but not because Jobs is gone. To all things there is a cycle and the Apple design is now being taken seriously by competitors.




Critics, bloggers, and pundits who keep prophesying Apple's doom because of the death of its co-founder have just as much fruit in their heads as those who believe he was anything more than an ambitious human and businessman.



Once Tim Cook masters the Force Choke and Force Lightning he'll be just as formidable a CEO/Cult Leader/Evil Emperor as his sociopathic lord was.

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