Is Apple Planning to Compete with Paypal?



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We're becoming an increasingly cashless society, and money transfer via phone will be part of the future. I can't think of anyone more suited to do this than Apple.

Imagine if they made a deal with a bank to allow for instant payments (vs Paypal's 3 days to transfer and withdraw) and reduced fees... set it up so you can transfer money instantly just like cash, and with a minimal fee. A whole lot of iPhone customers would switch to that bank, and so would the vast majority of everyone on eBay.



" and so would the vast majority of everyone on eBay."


That will not happen.  Ebay owns and operates paypal.  So probably ebay will not do that.



Ebay themselves wouldn't do anything, but when 90% of their customers start doing offering Apple Payments or whatever, they don't really have any choice.



 App-Pal does have a nice ring to it.

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