Apple Officially Axes "Get a Mac" Campaign



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I happened to love those ads only because John Hodgman was so funny in them.



Wow, it really seems that Apple is desperate for more customers. They always have to compare themselves to Microsoft to seem better.



Does apple think that just becuase Steam has mac support means its compatible?


In God we trust. In all others we virus scan



I have nothing against Apple Corp. They're just another electronics manufacturer like any other out there trying to survive and make a profit. All companies lie in their, Apple isn't the only guilty of this corporate behaviour. If consumers wish to purchase and use Apple products, that is their choice. I like that aspect of our economy.

The one pet-peeve I have against Apple is how they trap the consumer into their closed proprietary systems, iPhone, iTunes and Macintosh platform included. I also despise the way they design their products to force the consumer to buy a new one the following model year. For example: the Mac Pro uses Xeons without heat-spreaders. Sure, you can buy an OEM Xeon, but chances are it's going to be a delicate operation upgrading that Nehalem Mac Pro. Just ask Anandtech.  

I love Linux for it's open-source environment but I hate it because it's so fragmented! AURRGH! And, although some distros are easy to use (Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Redhat) there's still no denying that Windows still provides better hardware support and software. Basically, if you want FREE, you'll have to deal with the pros & cons of FREE.


"It's designed to be a better computer": Pay 25% more for the same hardware found on a lower priced Windows based PC. Pay more for 1 to 2 years past hardware. WTF FAIL.

"It comes with software you'll love to use": All standard in Windows or Linux. RAN-OUT-OF-HALF-TRUTHS FAIL. 

"It comes with the world's most advance OS": 10 years ago...maybe. Standard features in Windows and/or Linux (and more). FORGOT-TO-TAKE-THEIR-PILLS FAIL.

"It comes with award-winning support": Buy extended Applecare if you want that. They only support under warranty what is outlined in the warranty. HOW-TO-RIP-THEM-OFF FAIL.

"It runs Office and works with your existing PC files": Apparently so does Linux and Windows. ANOTHER-WTF FAIL.

"It's compatible with your stuff": Compatible with your stuff only and not much else. TOTALLY-PWNED FAIL.

"It doesn't get PC viruses": Because hackers don't care about OS-what's-it-called and OSX has gone down before Windows and/or Linux in many hacking competition. ROTFLMAO FAIL.

"It's loaded with the latest in technology": Better, faster and stronger Quadro and FireGL on Mac? NO. SLI on Mac? NO. Crossfire on Mac? NO. SHOULD-I-CONTINUE-ON FAIL.

"It runs windows": No one is buying their desktops anymore. Their desktop sales account for 14% of their total sales. Apple desktop sales are on a decline. GOING-DOWN-IN-FLAMES FAIL.    



I really enjoyed reading this. thank you very much.



Better hardware oh please anyone that knows how to build their own computer will have better hardware then what a mac will ever have. The OS architecture is more reliable i will give them that but the Windows OS is much quicker. And idk about the whole its compatitable crap because if i want to say, install a better mother board or better graphics card because the only thing that is hold the graphics up is because the CPU is built for graphics while the graphics card is at most a gt 150 while i have a gtx280 in my $1000 computer vs $3000 computer built by apple. I think i got a better overall deal :)



I understand that Apple is currently a major contributor to where computer technology trends are heading, but articles such as this is neither maximum pc nor is it of any intrinsic value to our readers. It's whole purpose is to add fuel to the hatred fire that most readers have towards Apple. Their advertising has always had blatant lies to their claims, most advertising does, but to see this here on Maximum pc is sort of insulting to us!

I'm not saying to not mention any thing Apple, but really, if Apple does make anything worth posting I expect to see it. A website that self promotes with lies isn't one of them.

On that note, exactly what features does Macs have that Pc doesn't? Can anyone point this out to me? I can seem to find it on their site!


Talcum X



Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



Opinions are like a##h$%*s - everyone has one (myself included)... I've always owned a PC, but not because i don't like Apples. I just never went in that direction. However, my point is this: The purpose of a commercial is to grab our attention, give us information and (if we're lucky) give us a laugh or two... These commercials certainly do all of that. I mean who would you rather watch - A movie star pushing some drug or our two favorite geeks going at it? At least I didn't feel obligated to hit the mute button when John Hodgman and Justin Long showed up on TV... Anyway, that's my opinion...



I have to say that owning both gives me a certain perspective. There is an argument to be made about how some PCs on a MS OS get viruses, need patches and upgrades, but the PCs running a MAC OS just works. Not everyone can be a power user like most readers here and are happy when they get a PC with a MAC OS, someone even commented earlier how the PC with a MAC OS is for idiots because the MAC OS is idiot proof. Now when you have millions of people on PCs with a MS OS, you're bound to get people who don't care to maintain the equipment, get fooled into malicious sites and get buggy software. This is freedom to choose your software/hardware, but there is so much of it that MS cannot filter out all the bad code that gets in. Why is MAC OS somewhat stable? Because it's limited to what Apple wants you to have, communism anyone? "We will provide everything for you, all in the same color, no other options for you comrade, only what we want for you". If Apple were to open up their OS to everything like MS, they would become MS, and maybe not, maybe the reason the OS isn't open and there are special MAC versions of hardware is because it can't work with everything and the kitchern sink. Personally I find it funny that I've had to bring my Iphone and my 2009 MacBook Pro in for hardware repairs 3 times each, all under warranty, guess you need the warranty because something is bound to fail LOL, if the MACs are so sturdy why's the service bar always full? I have never had to bring any of the 6 MS OS laptops I've owned in for repair. Power and the ability to run more software and hardware, that's where the PC running other than MAC OS shines and no, having a powerful machine is not for the faint of heart. My co-worker is the ultimate MAC OS guy and I'm the MS OS guy, but we never argue over the two because we understand what each does, it's the "Users" that are always fighting .... So yah, I have a $$$ MACBook Pro and all I do is surf the net on it, my co workers calling me crazy for not doing more with it, but here I am, a happy camper, editing on PhotoShop, making movies on Premiere and playing games that poor MAC OS users will never see, all on a rig that I built, with components I want, the color I want and the freedom to pick and choose hardware/software :-)



Mac book pros and Mac pros are excellent beta testing machines for windows since the hardware are usually a decent zero point reference due to the fact they are always at least 6 months behind in technology. My theory why their hardware are always behind isn't because they like using proven technology but Apple really can't write software drivers fast enough for the latest tech. The hackintosh machines out there have strict requirements in order to run Mac osX because of this and is telling what a limited osx really is.

I cloned a tiger install from an all in one iMac and transfered the os to a 6 month newer iMac which came with Leopard by default. Guess what? Everything worked pretty much the same except Apple chose a newer internal sound card and a perfectly new imac doesn't have any sound coming out of it! Tiger doesn't even "see" it's own internal device but when I plugged in an external usb speaker, the speakers works fine!?! not only can't os x install on any hardware. Os x can't install on it's own hardware!!! That's just bullshit!






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There are two Apple stores near me. I have an iPod that has
had the battery fail so I went in to find out why and it seems that you have to
make an appointment to see one of the resident geniuses because there were so
many people ahead of me that were having problems with their Macs which of
course never have problems.

BTW, the answer from the genius…. Get a new iPod and buy a
Mac. I guess my high end P C was causing the iPod batteries to go bad. I should have known.



More like why get my PC.  My PC fits all of those reasons all by itself.


Design: I'll take my Rosewill Destroyer with blue LEDs over that crap Mac tower any day.  And speaking of design, if I want, I can remove my GPU and CPU and replace them with completely different, better ones whenever I want.  And free of charge, too.  That's called better design.

Software: I LOVE Windows Photo Viewer.  And Photoshop will work twice as fast on a Core i7 980X with a GTX 480 than your piece of crap Core i7 620M and Geforce 330M.

OS: Personally, I could care less about OS X.  It may be nice, but it's also the OS for idiots, because it's "so simple to use".  It's like a bike with training wheels going 5mph; Linux and Windows are the dangerous motorcycles that can cruise at  150mph.

Tech Support: My older geek brother is the best tech support you can get.  And it's free too.  And for anything less than a complete computer meltdown, I can fix the thing myself.

Runs Office/Works with PC files: Shockingly, so does mine.  And I have both Office 2007 AND 2010.  You have the crappy Mac Office 2008.

Compatible: Yeah, and my computer is compatible with anything known to man.  And it can play Bad Company 2.  Just what exactly does yours do?  Oh, that's right...Photoshop.  Wait, I can do that too.

PC Viruses: Huh.  Funnily enough, my computer hasn't gotten a single virus in all the years I've had it, thanks to smart internet browsing (which any sensible person can do) and a cheap lil thing called NOD32.

Latest Technology: This just makes me laugh.  The MacBook Pro is "top-of-the-line technology" and I have to pay $2299 for a laptop with a Core i5 - BASE?  And the Core i7 available isn't even a quad core?  And then there's that upgrade problem again - can you swap out an Athlon II for a Phenom II X6 on a whim?  Or replace a crappy 780G chipset for an 890?  Or run GTX 480s in quad SLI?  Didn't think so.

Runs Windows: Gee, that's odd.  Mine does too.  And it can run Mac, and Linux too!


Whoo!  There's my rant over with! :P 




#1 Reason why Macs suck:

Intel P45 motherboard: $99.  Core 2 Duo E8400: $170.  2GB DDR3-1333 RAM: $80.  Not having to throw away your PC and buy a brand new one: Priceless.



Mighty BOB!

I'm sure their next ad campaign will be just as infuriating.  That 'why you'll love a mac' page certainly is since it's 100% lies.



Right on.  I can't remember how long it took me to stop gritting my teeth at all the outright falsehoods in those commercials and accept them as the exceptionally ridiculous jokes they truly are.  And of course, all the people who actually believed everything that Justin Long (and, by extension, Steve Jobs) spewed were another pain to deal with.  But oh well, it's a fact of life: there are a lot of people who think that Mac is better than PC hands down.  It's up to us to show them just how wrong they are.




#1 Reason why Macs suck:

Intel P45 motherboard: $99.  Core 2 Duo E8400: $170.  2GB DDR3-1333 RAM: $80.  Not having to throw away your PC and buy a brand new one: Priceless.




LOL @"better support" and "It's compatible"

 Yeah--so long as you buy the newest models when they come out, because backwards compatibility is for chumps, right?



 Just running through some of the points they make with my comeback :)

"It's designed to be a better computer." -- So that's why there are so few options?

"It comes with software you'll love to use" -- HOLY CRAP! YOU ARE LOOKING AT PICTURES!... wait... my windows pc does that...

"It comes with the worlds most advanced OS" --Uh... isn't Linux Unix based too?

"It comes with award-winning tech support" -- I thought Macs "Just worked"?

 "It runs office and works with your existing PC files" --I thought microsoft was bad?

"It's compatible with your stuff" -- Then why does so much hardware have a special "Mac version"?

"It doesn't get PC viruses" -- Nope! But it gets mac viruses and crashes! Not even close to the same thing!

"It's loaded with the latest technology" -- If PCs are bad, why did you move from your PPC to our Intel CPUs?

"It runs windows and windows applications" -- So does a windows machine...

 They gave nine reasons mac is good... I gave nine reason macs FAIL!



Macs still dont support blue-ray lol



The worst part about "It comes with software you'll love to use" is that it uses the iTunes UI for absolutely everything. Because of that, anytime I have to use a Mac I break out the holy water afterwards.





This is a shame.  These commercials were often patently false, but they were equally humorous.




I really like the last point on the "you'll love a mac" site. It runs Windows and Windows applications. Then why not just buy a pc with Windows?


Zachary K.

i don't mind apple stories. sure i don't like apple, but i would still like to know whats going on in their world.



Totally agree. 


Donate blood!



I clicked the link.... and found no need for you to throw me a rope and pull me back from the Apple quagmire. What I found to be really funny was under the "Better Support" tab. On that page Apple touts "If you have technical questions you can step up to the Genius bar" at any Apple Istore, where real "Geniuses" are waiting for you to come and ask apparently stupid questions. Their answer to the Geek Squad? A real Genius isn't going to stand behind some stupid counter waiting for clueless customers to come in and answer their stupid questions, He's going to be out there designing devices or writing programming code and making real money. So if you buy a Mac, make sure there are some real "Geniuses" available because the Mac, with all it's simplicity, seems to require them to figure it out. Or, is it that only real "morons" are dumb enough to go with a Mac? What is Apple trying to say? Maybe Budweiser needs to do a "real men of Genius" commercial for them.



how Apple sees it's customers. To think anyone who buys any of their products, they are so stupid and idiotic that any hipster duffus behind an Apple counter is considered a "Genius"! It's quite arrogant and insulting really.



The same could be said for the geek squad.

No matter how simple, or complicated any OS or software is, the grandma's will still need someone to ask. Real genius's don't want to be bothered with explaining how to shut down your computer.

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