Apple Offers $30 Apology for iPhone 3G S Activation Woes



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My question is, how can Apple and AT&T charge almost $50 for taxes on a $199 phone... they say here in California that they are required to charge taxes for the full cose of the 16GB 3Gs iPHone which is $499; but if I'm only paying for something that costs $199, how can they charge me $50 in taxes? Does anyone have an answer to this?



lol This is why Im waiting till payday on the 1st of next month so I can avoid the lines and this drama



This is one (of many) reasons why I avoid Apple products altogether! I've never had or heard of any problems activating a G1 phone, or even a Windows Mobile phone... Good job Apple. Now, when the next rendition of the iCrap comes out, we can do this sad song and dance all over again!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



This is becomming a trend with Apple.  New major release, major Apple server problems.



Dear Lemming,

Apple, Inc. sincerely apologizes for any technical issues you may have had while trying to locate and use iCliff 3.0. Be assured - in the coming days, Apple will be working hard to free up space for all who desire a quick and mindless death to activate and use their new iCliff device. Be aware that all iCliff models before 3.0 are now out of warranty, and are no longer supported by Apple, Inc. An upgrade to iCliff 3.0 can be purchased from the Apple store for $399 - a savings of $0.99 over the suggested retail price.

Happy Jumping!

- Steve Jobs



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