Apple Offered To License Patents to Samsung for $30 per Phone, $40 per Tablet



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So Apple copying strategies from Microsoft where is the original thinking here Apple!!! Your position is always for me, after me, finally me! So licensing your technology is so fun in the whole sentence! Well, you can't match Samsung in sales, so demand and oblígate to give you money! Slow down them because sells more than you! So embarrasing for you Apple!! NO, in the shopping list! Your attitude denotes that you are lossing the competition race?



I hate that Apple has been on a patent rage against everyone. It really makes me not want to support their products because of it. It's quite a shame because their devices are extremely stable. I'm tired of Android and every manufactures crappy devices. iOS and the iPhone are by far some of the most stable devices on the market. Although Android has some nice features and a great intent behind it, I need a phone and a company that gives me a quality product, and Apple does just that.

That said, I am willing to give Jelly Bean a try and if I don't get an iPhone I shall give Samsung a try.



Apple does make great products and I still enjoy my iPhone and looking forward to the new 5. But if you want to try something new, then Android is the obvious best alternative. I'm tired of all these lawsuits too. But it's also not just Apple that's suing everybody. Everybody is suing Apple too e.g., Motorola, Nokia (settled), Samsung, etc.

Patent system is the main problem and needs to be reformed. There are so many other smaller companies that have turned into patent trolls and now the big companies are doing the same thing.

In the end, it's the lawyers making all the money.



A couple of years ago, before the iPad/iPhone came out and all that, the only lawsuits I was seeing on tech news were from patent trolls like Rambus. We'd all laugh and call it a day.

Now on tech news, I can't go a week without seeing Apple trying to sue someone. And if I recall, it all started with Apple trying to sue someone. Notably after Metro took off as a "great iPhone GUI alternative", Apple went and filed lawsuits against Android phone makers.



what a bunch of lying little bitches as just 2 weeks ago they stated that making money isn't their main goal. if you are a fanatic and think this link is anti-apple, google it for yourself,2817,2407848,00.asp



So easy for a company rolling in $$$$ to claim it's not about the money. Oh really? Then how about stop charging so much for your goods. Or bring the jobs back to America. Then you can try that one again and we might believe you this time.

Now if MS said the Win8 goal wasn't about making money I'd believe them right off.



Remember when MS played this game and got burnt? I hope this happens to Apple. Sometimes large companies just need one good smack in the face.



Apple just patented the word AIR now we have to buy a license from Apple just to breath



F*&K Apple. I hate that company.



First paragraph makes me want to punch apple in the face. Second paragraph makes me want to kick them in the nuts.

From what I remember (and I may be wrong), but when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were on talk shows together, Steve always made fun of Microsoft and Windows, while Bill was respectful.

Now, not only does Apple think of itself as superior to any other company and talk down to them, but much of their fan base does too.

In my opinion Apple actually makes pretty decent stuff, if not much more than decent, but I would not buy anything from them because I would be supporting a company that bullies others.



Irony rears it's ugly head with that comment.



It's just an opinion though. I don't really have many facts to back it up. I'll take it back too about the fan base. I was more meaning the fan boys, but then again every company has a fanboy. Am I a microsoft fanboy? No. I don't like apple because of who they are and what they do. But at the same time, Windows, in terms of stability, can sometimes drive me nuts. So, i dunno lol.



I think we're all fan boys in one aspect or another. I much prefer my personally-built PC and Windows to the Apple products in my home. But I do love to utilize both. Apple makes good products and the one thing they've always been good at is the user experience. Navigating around a Macbook Air with the swipes and their touch pad is so much easier than my HP laptop.

I've mentioned before in other posts that I wish these lawsuits would stop and that all these tech companies get along and that the patent system needs to be fixed. At the same time, in reading all the articles on this lawsuit in this and other websites, the evidence is leaning towards Apple that Samsung did copy. I always thought that this lawsuit is more than just about "rectangles" according to Samsung. Yes there were "touch" interfaces before, but none that navigated like iOS and its "rubberband" zooming and swipes that is now a staple in Android and other mobile operating systems.

As Apple was granted the patents, they have every right to defend their patent from other companies that copy their work. Now how much did Samsung copy? That remains to be seen.

Either way, I hope that this is settled soon and we can all go back to hearing about all the wonderful new tech headed our way from both Samsung and Apple and all the other tech companies.



Yours is quite a voice of moderation and reason around here. My applause and respect.



I'm glad samsung has taken a stand to support consumer rights and provide a quality, cost-effective alternative to the iPhone series.

I settled for an iPhone once, because there was nothing better on my carrier, and I was miserable with it, so thank you, Samsung, for doing us all a great service! I hope you can overcome this apple obstacle. Remember, they're only suing you because they're afraid of you because they can't compete with you fairly!

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