Apple Nabbed 99.4% of Mobile App Sales in '09



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Apps, schmaps, my main reason for getting a ohone is for a reliable .... phone, e mail is  second amn texting and net lookups ate 3rd. Apps, they are a clear 4th.

There is no way I am goin back to a touch screen or to AT&T. I have used both and both suck. I am so happy without the droped calls. Bye Bye AT&T.



The biggest failure of articles like this is to pretend that iPhones (and the iPhone OS) are on equal footing in the cell phone market with Android. If you keep a little perspective on this and keep in mind how long iPhones have been on the market and how large and mature their app store is, it's no surprise that iPhone apps are outselling Andoid apps. It's akin to saying that a grown man beat up a baby.  Well, duh. It's a baby.



Aside from the statistics being skewed, they are talking about revenue from applications. Android is free for the most part, so of course the iPhone sold more, because there's more for sale, not for the free use and enjoyment.



I have to admit to being somewhat skeptical of this; wouldn't the app store sales also include statistics from the iPod touch appstore as well? Because in that case it would be a pretty massive skewing of the statistics right there.



It took until November before the Droid came out and I expect many people who don't want to pay for apps to use a Droid phone exactly for that reason. Just wait a year or two until the number of Android phones and users  picks up and then let's evaluate again and take freely (gratis) available open-source apps into account too when judging how popular apps are.



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