Apple Lobbies Music Labels for Unlimited Music Downloads



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they should really do this, once my hd crashed and lost 500 dollars worth of music, i was young and didn't know what backup was at the time.



Damn f*cking nice of them to allow us to download stuff we've paid for.



I got excited then I realized I don't own any Apple devices, nor do I have an iTunes account. Hopefully this could be offered to other music services too (Google Music).



Don't be confused by the headline. This isn't a new pricing model that allows unlimited downloads for a flat fee. It's about being able to re-download songs you've already bought, something that you cannot currently do. Meaning, if you buy a song on iTunes, download it to your PC or iCrap device, and then lose it (HD crash, device failure, etc.), you're not able to download the song again unless you pay for it a second time.



Absofreakinlutely this should be allowed, especially since "you didn't buy the music, just a license to listen to it."

I hate music executives.  I haven't bought an album in months (no I didn't turn to piracey - I just gave up acquring new music.)



I don't know what kind of music you like to listen to, but most of my favourite bands offer up their music for free streaming on their websites for a limited time after release. It's a great way to reform pirates who legit just wanted to listen to something to see if it's worth buying.

Pretty stupid that you can't redownload songs you've already purchased, because I'd assume they keep records on all that (come on, there isn't a company out there that doesn't keep records like that). One of the reasons I've never used iTunes.


Red Ensign

I've seen a lot of people complain about this. Most assumed it was Apple being the bad guy. Should have known it was the Music Industry all along.

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