Apple Lifts 3G VoIP Ban, First VoIP App Hits the App Store



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I wonder why would Apple want to do that, their customers were the ones to suffer while the ban lasted and i honestly think they have harmed their image a bit by acting this way. Thank god the ban didn't last too much, i guess they have got what they wanted pretty fast, otherwise i can't explain myself the quick attitude shift they had.

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Skype and Fring have been available in iTunes with VoIP over WiFi for a while now. In fact the terms of service for the iTunes store have allowed 3G for some time.

 UPDATE: I should have said that the change to allow 3G VoIP was *announced* a while back, in early October: 

While frustrating, Apple's ban on Google Voice had little to do with VoIP as Google Voice isn't a VoIP service like Skype. In fact, you need an actual VoIP service like Skype or Google's recently acquired Gizmo5 in order to avoid having to use Google Voice without also using a cell phone or land line service to recieve the calls you're routing. Google Voice is a routing service for voice and SMS from one number to any number of other phones or VoIP services, not a replacement for them.

@Neufeldt2002  iCall is published through the App Store by iCall, Inc, not Apple.



That seems typical of apple, they stalled putting out google's voice app so they could steal, I mean reverse engineer it and call it "icall". I wouldn't be suprised if that is the only voice app that is allowed.

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